With all the available products in the market, choosing the ones they suit your skin best can be tricky. Add to that the manner and order by which you apply them and it will seem like navigating busy crossroads for the first time. Below is a simplified instruction guide on how to make the most of your skincare and beauty care products to achieve that youthful glowing complexion. 

Which one goes first? 

The order in which you layer your skincare products is of utmost importance as it determines how much nutrients and ingredients your skin is able to absorb. Ignoring the proper order of application will bring your products, and money, to waste because you won’t be able to reap the beneficial effects of such. 

Layering Your Skin Care Products: 

When in doubt, keep in mind the rule of thumb that states “thinnest to the thickest” or “from liquid to oil” and you’ll never go wrong.

If you want to get things right during the day, look no further. The steps below are sure to give you good and no worry-day.

STEP 1: Cleansing

Thorough cleansing with mild soap and water will get you on your way. Excess oil build-up may have occurred as you sleep and it needs to be washed off. 

STEP 2: Toning

Toners are supposed to bring in the necessary ingredients that you have lost into your skin to keep it balanced

STEP 3:  Serum

The serum is highly concentrated and rich in specific nutrients that your skin has been craving for. Choose one that will meet your needs. 

STEP 4: Eye cream 

The eyes are arguably the most neglected areas of your face but this is where the first signs of aging might be too evident. Starting in your 20’s it is of great consequence that eye cream is applied one to two times per day. Morning and evening. Taking good care of your eyelids is a great way of ensuring that droopy eyelids due to loss of elasticity will be put on hold. 

STEP 5: Spot treatment

As the name implies, spot treatment is meant for very specific problem areas on your face such as an acne mark or dark pigmentation. 

STEP 6: Moisturizer

Even with oily skin, you still need moisturizer due to the extra hydration that is caused by harsh chemicals, sun, and weather. The perfect time to apply moisturizer is when the skin is damp. Once applied, your skin will rejuvenate thanks to the return of the much-needed hydration.

STEP 7: Sunscreen

This should be last to be applied, whether you are using the physical or mineral type because it blocks out the UV rays.

Follow these steps and you will not go wrong with the treatment of your skin. Have some fun under the sun and you do not have to be worried or be scared of what comes your way.

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