You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t admire the beauty of trees. Whether it be strolling through a park, adventuring through a forest or relaxing in your very own garden, trees have an impressive ability to instill an immediate sense of serenity. Despite some being hundreds of years old, trees can be very vulnerable to outside elements, so preserving these perennial plants from weather and potential predators is often very important for landscapers. For this reason, many choose to implement plastic tree guards. In this article, we take a look at what tree guards are and why they’re so important to the health of trees. 

Why trees need guards

When considering plastic tree guards for sale, it may be difficult to see them for the extraordinarily valuable supports they are. To simplify this it’s easy to see how a tree can be compared to our own vulnerable bodies – a tree’s roots are a means to gain valuable nutrients from its surroundings and its trunk provides structure, but the damage of either of these can seriously impact the rest of the tree, just as if we suffered some physical ailment. Although the roots are usually protected under the ground, the trunk of a tree can be quite vulnerable to a wide variety of environmental concerns. With this in mind, preserving the trunk of a tree should be a priority for anyone wanting to protect their investment in the long-term. The most important time to create a protective layer is when the tree is most vulnerable, which is usually when a tree is newly planted. Tree guards aren’t just for new trees either – these guards can also act as bandages for damaged trees and can often be instrumental to their recovery. Even then, there’s a good chance that there would have been no damage in the first place if a tree guard was in place!

How plastic tree guards protect

Plastic tree guards are so popular due to the large variety of ways they protect. They are able to easily protect vulnerable seedlings against high-velocity winds and rain, making them a particularly good investment going into the colder months. They also help keep predators and pests away, as brand-new seedlings would make a fitting meal for many creatures out there! In eating the plant, there is also the potential for the pests to damage surrounding areas, meaning the plastic guard is protecting more than the tree. It’s during these first few months, or even years, in the ground that damage can have a lifelong effect on the tree, which is why preserving its health is so crucial early on. Finally, plastic tree guards help protect young trees from sun damage, which is caused by warm winter days followed by very cold nights. This is due to the expansion of bark from the heat followed by rapid cooling at night, which can easily cause splitting, which can then lead to the newly exposed bark being burned or scalded. 

Invest in plastic tree guards today

Plastic tree guards are an easy and very affordable way to protect the bark of young trees, whether for trees in a large public space or a small private garden. With the health of trees impacted so readily by their first few months, tree guards are an expense absolutely worth investing in. 

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