While even one second can change your life, a fortnight can do much more than just that. It can give your life a complete overhaul. You can get new, meaty muscles; that carved, equine look, and more when you get yourself some performance boosters. All you need to do is take a fortnight off from work and hit the gym and when you return, everyone will be surprised to see the new beast – you.

Be the Alpha

You do not need to give your life a makeover by working out at the gym for long hours just to become better than that Alpha you have been admiring at your office. Just after two weeks of taking Clen, you will notice a huge difference yourself! You will be the new cynosure of attention in your office and get that much desired promotion. Maybe you will even get a date or two with that woman you have always been quietly watching from the corner of your cubicle! Everyone will keep wondering what you did to those muscles and abs to get this lean and mean. However, you need to remember that being in charge begins with you.

Make your dreams come true

A performance booster a day may keep some people away but it will bring all the others to you – the right ones. The ones that can help you grow further both in your life and also in your career! It is a gift that you would not want to abuse. So, you might want to use the performance boosters carefully. Everything that you consume in excess will have side effects on you. Even the things that are said to do you a world of good! One bite a day into the health boosters will change your entire life but if you take it for days on end without stopping at the finishing point, it will have serious side effects on you. Make your dreams come true but make sure you do not end up paying a price for it. So, you would need to follow a certain code that will save you from all this.

Don’t be a code breaker

Maybe you would notice a difference after two weeks of taking Clen but that is the point, where you need to stop taking the performance boosters in. If you wish, you could always cycle or stack them but then, you would still need to stop after a certain time and that is the bodybuilders’ unwritten code. Besides, code breakers have never really achieved anything more than getting into trouble at some point of time in their lives or another. While Betas and Omegas have not really been able to figure this out successfully, what they do need to know is that taking in rationed portions of the performance enhancers will be enough to build those much sought after muscles! Besides, you might have a toned body with lovely looking abs that would make everyone around you want to become like you.

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