Anadrol is highly useful if you are looking for gaining muscle and increasing muscle strength. It is ideal to kick-start your bulking cycle, and it will also improve your stamina and power. You do not require any prescription to buy it, and it is absolutely legal. But one has to be careful about its dosage because it is highly damaging for the liver due to hepatotoxicity. It is dangerous for human body if it is taken beyond a month and a half. It also has extreme estrogenic effects which are concerning. 50mg and 25mg pills are mostly sold, and it is important to know the effective dosage timing with 25mg pills and 50mg pills to avoid the side effects.

What Is It So Important To Get The Correct Anadrol Dosage?

Anadrol acts like estrogen, and it is very difficult to suppress its estrogenic effects with aromatase inhibitors. It causes bloating and water retention issues. Anadrol is sold in the market under the branding Anadrol 50 which is a 50mg tablet. If you wish to increase lean mass, Anadrol 50 is not for you because of excessive water and fat retention and weight gain. Even though Anadrol is highly effective in bulking, muscle mass gaining and muscle strength increment, its dosage and cycle need to be proper and as per recommendation and under the supervision of a physician to avoid or minimize its potency and hepatotoxic issues. Apart from these, consumption above recommended level could lead to excessive gains and extreme loss of appetite. 25mg pills are considered to be the best oral dosage to get the desired benefits and also escape the side effects to the maximum extent. But you have to know the effective dosage timing with 25mg pills and various other constraints that come with it.

Timing Of Doses – Anadrol has eight to nine hours of half-life. The half-life is quite long in comparison to other oral anabolic steroids, and hence, men are recommended to have a 25mg or 50mg pill in the morning itself so that it completes its half-life duration by the bedtime. Some men opt for the spilt method of having half dosage in the morning and the other half before going to bed but this approach has no significant advantage. When it comes to women, they are recommended to avoid Anadrol due to high risk of virilization and fewer benefits as with men. They are more like to grow male characteristics in a very short span.

Expected Results – Anadrol is quite risky when the recommended level of dosage is crossed yet its popularity is extremely high. It is due to the fact that it leads to easy muscle gain and improvement in strength even with low doses for a short time. It is not surprising if a person adds fifteen to thirty pounds of mass with a few weeks of its usage. It is one of the best and most effective steroids for bulking cycle. But there needs to be constant supervision so that the person does not end up with tendon and tissue tears.

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