The first question many CPA’s and small businesses usually have when they start using QuickBooks is how they should deploy it. Should it be on premises or on the cloud? Their best bet here is to go with QuickBooks hosting which lets hosting providers who aren’t affiliated with software developers install and maintain the application on their behalf. Here are some of the reasons why QuickBooks hosting is your best bet:

Multi-user support: There are limits when it comes to the number of users that can use a regular version of QuickBooks at the same time. If it’s installed on a PC, just one person can access it at a time. For multi-user access, businesses will need to get a server and maintain it. But with QuickBooks hosting, you can have an indefinite number of concurrent users which helps maximize collaboration as well as productivity.

Functionality: You will be able to enjoy all of the capabilities and features of the desktop version on the cloud too. You will also be able to enjoy the benefits of pro, premier, or enterprise hosting as well. Depending on the hosting company you choose, users may even experience performance improvements. In fact, most hosted QuickBooks accounts tend to outperform on-premise versions.

Backup: Companies which choose to go with on-premises deployment have to take care of data backups for themselves. Businesses don’t have too much control when it comes to automated backups that are a standard part of QuickBooks. With QuickBooks hosting though, you get the benefit of privacy, control, and compliance without having to use any complicated backup software.

Customization: Any custom modules or settings on desktop QuickBooks accounts can be easily transferred to for deployment with external hosting providers.

Anywhere-accessible: QuickBooks hosting allows employees to access the software from anywhere in the world as long as they have web-enabled devices. Organizations will be able to make their data remotely accessible to everyone. This will allow employees to work from home or anywhere they can access the internet from. Multiple branches will also be able to maintain a consistent, centralized, singular deployment for QuickBooks.

Security: External hosting companies have proper security including antivirus, firewalls, spam blockers, content filters, operational security, and even patch management. Businesses could do this as well, but it would cost them a lot of money. Don’t forget the additional headache either. It’s just easier to let a service provider take care of it for you.

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