More and more people are becoming conscious about the environment and planet earth. Hence, people these days prefer electric vehicles rather than petrol or diesel ones. One of the electric cars which is making quite a buzz in the automotive industry and people also seem to like it a lot is the Chevrolet Bolt EV which is available from any Jacksonville Chevy dealer. Hence, take a look at this car in-depth. 

  • Built and pricing 

Let’s start with the built; this electric powered car comes in two units LT and Premier. The LT costs $37,495 approximately while the premier unit costs around The Premier model adds various other features like wireless phone charging system, Bose audio system, more USB ports, etc. which is why it costs a little bit more than the LT version.

 Also, other exclusive content the premier comes with include, leather seats, rear seats heated, ambient lighting for interior, etc. Hence this is the reason for the Premier model to cost $41,895 approx. 

  • Engine and more 

This cars electric motor is ideal as it offers immediate reaction to accelerator input. Also, massive low end torque lets a user move ahead when signal turns green. However, response happens to be less instant when on highway speed but this vehicle merging and passing on highway quite easy. 

With ample power and composed ride Bolt challenges every misconception which people might have towards electric cars. Moreover, it rides without any harsh impact on cabin. Also, steering is accurate and quick. Brake pedal of this vehicle is quite firm and also offers stopping power which is above average. 

In addition, regenerative brake system which recharges battery when lifting leg off accelerator means that people can drive it in several situations without even touching brake pedal. Lastly, a paddle available on steering wheel’s left side allows increasing regenerative braking aspect on demand that will make this car halt completely. You can know more from Chevrolet dealers near Jacksonville

  • Interior and battery life

It is quite spacious and practical. Though hard plastic is sound inside, the company has added interesting textured materials for spicing up this car’s dashboard. Also, the central touchscreen and instrument cluster look modern and updated. Ample space on rear and front makes Bolt quite a comfortable car for four people or can be considered to have decent amount of space for even 5 individuals. 

It takes around 9 hours for completely charging batteries using an outlet of 240 volts. Also, its fast charging aspect can provide range of 90 miles if charged for 30 minutes at a charging station which is Level 3. The 2020 version boasts a range of 259 miles which was 238 for previous 2019 model. Hence, it offers a long battery life and charge can help in travelling to longer distances without any issues. 

These are the reasons people are so excited about the Bolt EV 2020 model. It is great way to protect the environment as well as easily drive around the city without any problem. So, book one for yourself now!

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