Out of numerous models which the reputed Chevrolet has to offer, the Traverse 2020 is considered one of the best cars from them. It is why more people are looking to purchase this vehicle in recent years from Chevrolet dealer Rupert. If you are planning to buy a spacious car to accommodate more people, then you should check out the details of this car which is laid below.

Upgrades in 2020 version

One of the first upgrades of this new version is the paint colors in exterior portion like Havana Brown, Pepper dust, and Black Current is dropped from the list. However, Black Cherry joins this list. From all options four cylinder turbocharged is dropped, which gives people the only option of V9 3.6L engine that offers 210 horsepower.

Apart from these, the new model also gets updated infotainment system from Chevrolet along with high definition back-up from its 360 degree cameras. Lastly, a camera is added for viewing trailer that might be hooked up.

Different available versions and pricing

The traverse comes in six different trims and starts from its L version. So many versions are available simply to ensure that people can get a Traverse to be anything from luxury car to budget shuttle.

The L version’s price starts from $30,995 approximately, while LS starts from $34,095. Other trims include LT Cloth which costs $36,595, RS is $44,795, Premier costs $46,995, and lastly, high Country is priced at $52,095. Depending on one’s need and budget, an individual can get the details about these versions from a Chevrolet dealer near Rupert.

Engine and performance

It comes equipped with a single option of V6 engine along with 9 speed slick shifting automatic transmission aids in gear changing unobtrusively. 3.6L engine is more than adequate to make this vehicle one of the quickest in its class. What makes every ride a joyful one is that drivers check tachometers to ensure that engine is running as its cabin is extremely quiet, especially when waiting at a stoplight.

Also, this car has automatic start/stop feature which is seamless. Though due to size it might feel like a little difficult to park at low speed; with enough speed it feels smaller than its size. In addition, steering effort is quite low and system is precise which makes aiming this SUV easy. Lastly, the suspension is finely tuned that offers appropriate balance between comfort ride and balance.

Fuel economy

This vehicle offers average fuel economy which is more than enough for people owning this car. In various testing it showed that AWD version with V6 engine will offer a maximum of 27mpg when one drives it in a highway. It is considered to have the best fuel consumption on highway when compared with this vehicle’s competitors.

These are some of the things which one should know before opting for the new Traverse 2020 model from Chevrolet. Now you have all the information in your grasp, simply visit a Chevy dealer and get the new car for comfortable rides!

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