We all know that health is wealth. Yet, we take our health for granted by consuming unhealthy foods and wrong habits. As a result, at early age in lives we get obese further causing other problems like diabetes or high risks of heart troubles. Obesity is the biggest concern these days, especially in younger generation.

The main reason for obesity is wrong eating habits like eating oily food, junk food, smoking, drinking etc. Many times we persuade ourselves to start healthy diet and quit wrong habits. But following a healthy regime is not easy because bringing discipline in life is the most challenging part. So, should we forget about weight loss and remain unhealthy the whole life? The answer is No. Today, medical field has advanced so much that many people have used surgical methods to get rid of body fat. Gastric bypass surgery is one of the common procedures that are performed for weight loss. It is also known as bariatric surgery. MGB or mini gastric bypass surgery is low-risk surgery with long term weight loss benefits. What is more appealing? The cost of gastric band surgery is quite low in India when compared to other nations.


Gastric bypass surgery is an easy and simple procedure. In this, the stomach is made smaller by creating a small pouch. The pouch is made from plastic bands or staples. This pouch is then connected to jejunum (a middle section of small intestine where most of the nutrients are absorbed) and other part of the stomach is bypassed.


  • Since the size of the stomach is reduced, therefore the food intake is reduced drastically, thereby leading to weight loss
  • Better quality of life as comorbid conditions are controlled significantly, almost 90%
  • Ghrelin, hormone responsible for hunger pranks is bypassed during this procedure. So no hunger, no food, less weight


Anyone who’s BMI is between 35 and 40 is and within the age limit of 18 – 60 years is eligible to get the procedure done. However, doctors would do a thorough examination before even suggesting the procedure to you.


Recovery after the surgery would be simple if you follow the exact instructions provided by doctor. Post the surgery you would need to stay in hospital for 5 days, after that you can recover at your home. You might also feel some pain for few days, but it can be controlled through medicines. You would be mostly on fluids for first few days and a diet plan needs to be followed for speedy recovery. If you are a medical tourist and visiting India for gastric bypass, then you would be required to stay for 2 weeks and after that you can easily return to your normal life.

 Cost of surgery

Mini gastric bypass surgery cost in India would start from $7,500 depending on the choices made by the patient. Prices may vary depending on the surgeon, facility and city you choose.

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