Your first home is probably your biggest purchase thus far in your life and there is no reason why the purchase of your, new-to-you car, should be your second one. The price of a new car now, is for some families, far out of their reach and for people who can afford to buy new, they decide not to anyway, because of the savings that they can make when they buy used. Used cars now are not the used cars of 10 years back when you never really knew what you were buying.

Second hand car dealers have come a long way and they offer some of the best second cars in Bridlington. Buying used offers a number of advantages and we will look at just some of them here today.

  1. Used cars depreciate less. They have already lost 20% of their value when they left the showroom and from the point that you buy them, they depreciate more slowly. This way, if you decide to sell, you will get a great price for your car.
  2. Used cars are in good as new condition and many used cars are 3 years old or less. Modern cars are built to do 100,000 miles easily and there is plenty more after that if you maintain them well.
  3. Used cars generally come with a full service history, so you know you are buying a car that is great value, and in great shape. This gives you incredible peace of mind.

Get down to your used car dealer today and experience the great deals that are currently on offer.


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