Body contouring has become highly popular these days and both men and women now opt for body contouring procedures. These procedures help in reducing stubborn fat around the belly, the arms, thigh as well as buttocks.

These procedures give lasting results only when performed by expert and qualified cosmetic surgeons and Sono Bello has just the right kind of people to perform these procedures. The fact that the professionals employed with Sono Bello offer the best in class service is evident from the Sono Bello Reviews.

At Sono Bello, two techniques are primarily followed to perform the body contouring procedures:

  • Laser Lipo with Tri Sculpt: This is one of the most innovative techniques in body contouring that is done at Sono Bello. The Sono Bello Reviews are proof of the wonderful effects that TriSculpt. In this process a micro laser is used to get rid of the stubborn fat cells that add to the extra girth. This procedure is performed under wide awake anaesthesia due to which the recovery time is minimal.
  • Venus Freeze/Venus Legacy: This is another effective body contouring procedure performed at Sono Bello. Sono Bello Reviews available across the internet also speak highly of this revolutionary procedure. In the Venus Freeze technique Multi-polar radio frequencies and Magnetic Pulsed fields are directed into a device which is then applied to the area that needs to be contoured.
  • Vela Shape: This is the most revolutionary procedure that is used to perform body contouring procedures. This procedure uses the deadly combination of heat, vacuum suction as well as specially designed rollers to shrink the fact cells and chambers.

These revolutionary techniques that are followed at Sono Bello have been lauded by people all over due to their effectiveness in getting rid of the unwanted fat and inches.

Since these therapies primarily target the fat cells and fat chambers and shrink or destroy them, it is very important that patients preparing to undergo the therapy ask pertinent questions to the professionals and gather all information possible about the therapies.

Some questions that patients opting for either of the three procedures must ask their cosmetic surgeons are:

  • How does the procedure work?

This should include all details about the technology used to carry out the procedure and the science involved.

  • What kind of anaesthesia will be required for the procedure?

This should involve all the nuances of the anaesthetic procedure that will be used to perform the techniques. Some procedures are performed under local anaesthesia while some require a general numbing due to which it is essential to know about the right procedure in advance.

  • What will be the downtime?

People planning to opt for body sculpting procedures always have a set goal in mind and often get these procedures done right before special occasions and functions. Therefore, it is essential to know about the down time as well as recovery time well in advance.

The revolutionary body sculpting procedures at Sono Bello can thus be trusted for guaranteed results.

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