Call a professional when it’s time to trim your trees. Lopping limbs actually takes quite a bit of skill, so it’s best left to someone who has insurance and the right equipment. Trees are a living plant (unless they have died), and their health is important. Over or under trimming can be an issue for the health of the plant, so you want to hire someone who really knows trees when it’s time for tree trimming. Trees may need different types of care depending on your local and the water situation, so a highly qualified local specialist is your best option.

When It’s Time for Tree Trimming 37

Trees can overgrow onto house eaves. It’s a good idea to call for tree trimming before this happens, but it’s never too late to call if your tree limbs are overgrown onto the eaves.  When the tree limbs are overgrown, you can end up with a lot of leaf rot and full gutters. Make sure to call earlier rather than later to avoid roof and gutter repairs. On occasion, you might get mold on your roof from the tree limbs hanging too closely and keeping the roof wet with rain and dew. If you notice water leaking down your gutters or slime sliding off your roof when the snow melts, it might be time to call for tree trimming.

Trimming trees is important for aesthetics. Trees look really good when they are trimmed well. This often means taking lower limbs off and shaping upper limbs, but it can also mean topping trees off that are too tall on occasion. It’s a good idea to talk to your arborist or tree trimmer about the look you want when you get your tree trimmed for cosmetic reasons. A lot can be done with tree trimming and shaping to make sure that the tree grows a certain way, and a well-shaped and trimmed tree can add a lot of value to your property. It takes some planning, but you can do really wonderful things with a tree throughout its life if you have the time to trim it for aesthetic reasons.

Trimming trees keeps them in good health. Trees need trimming, often in the spring, to keep them using water properly. Specialty trees like fruit trees benefit even more from proper trimming because it can help them fruit all the way. You can help cultivate a healthy tree with trimming, as this helps the tree conserve water and grow its top out all the way. Make sure that you don’t have it trimmed too aggressively, but don’t be afraid to trim heavily when needed, either. Your tree will benefit when extra limbs, knots, and moldy parts are removed and it will grow even stronger.

When it’s time for tree trimming, you want to call earlier rather than later. This prevents the tree from dropping leaves and pine needles in difficult places like gutters or flower beds. Make sure to ask around to find a highly qualified professional who will help your tree grow even healthier with proper trimming. Don’t be afraid to take up a plan for your tree growth and plan the trimming with your arborist. You can make a lot of changes to the look of the tree over the years with aesthetic trimming.

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