The wedding coordination industry is stressful at times. During peak wedding season, your firm may be planning a dozen weddings at a time or more. You have to have a timeline of events and detailed to-do list for every event. Your staff must also have impeccable organizational skills and incredible attention to detail. In other words, the job that your company does, must be perfect every time.

Have Contracted Vendors in Place

It is vital that you have contracted vendors in place before you launch your business to the general public. As couples come to your company, you must be able to show them the best vendors for their needs. Displaying that you have a business relationship with multiple vendors shows that you have industry-knowledge, experience and the ability to obtain a variety of different vendors.

The vendors that you do add should vary in specialty. Every couple is different. Some may want a wedding based upon current trends and others may want something completely customized to a special moment, morals or specific theme. Your vendors must be able to provide what your clients want.

Secure a Business Location

You should have a storefront or business office location secured and properly decorated before announcing your availability to take on clients. Your business’ location should be easily accessible to locals and should have ample parking. The inside of the business location should include a private office for each employee and a big enough general reception area to greet clients in.

Create a list of Local Venues

You should have a list of popular and discreet local venues. You can work in coordination with other services to plan out-of-the-country weddings such as those available with some London wedding venues to find the perfect location.  Ask your clients to list three venues that should be considered first. They should also be asked to include three alternative locations in case their preferences are booked for the date they need the venue for.

Create a Portfolio

Even if you are just starting out, you need to be able to present a portfolio of your previous work to potential clients. This is your opportunity to show off your skills as a wedding coordinator and display why the client should select your services. Include a variety of wedding types from traditional to outside-the-box themes to show off your versatility and ability to cater to any client’s needs.

Of course there will be a few hiccups along the way. It is a good idea to have backup plans in place as natural disasters or building issues can arise at any time, requiring a change of location or vendor without notice. The bridal party should be kept calm at all times and the coordinator in charge of their festivities should always be able to handle pressure, multiple changes and have quick problem solving skills. This is a special day for the couple your company is working with, it is the company’s job to provide as close to perfect of a day as possible.

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