In spring and summer, the balcony garden is more colorful and beautiful than ever. If you enjoy spending time in the garden and want to make colorful arrangements, check out these handy flower chest tips provided by the most amazing online flower shop in Toronto

What should you know when choosing flowers for crates or baskets?

Color arrangements in chests or baskets are a great way to turn your balcony into a small oasis. The good thing is that there are suitable options for combining different plants according to the taste and needs of each gardener. For example, some make containers with fresh spices, others – with flowering plants.

However, it is not only important to like the flowers in appearance. You should also consider the location, sunlight, and whims of each of the designated plants. It is also important that the chest has good drainage and soil rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, in order for a color composition to be beautiful, it must include one representative of each of the key groups – verticals, horizontals and cascades.

Group of vertices

The vertical group includes plants that grow in height and thus stand out from the rest. These include: henna, calla, dahlia, dracaena, hibiscus, bamboo, hematus (elephant ear) and some varieties of fuchsia.

Horizontal group

The horizontal group includes flowers that grow in width. Sometimes they are also called “stuffing” flowers because as they grow, they fill the empty spaces in the chests and baskets. In their group are: petunia, verbena, daisy, salvia, impatiens, African violet and some types of begonias.

Group of cascades

The cascade group is ideal for hanging baskets and chests that protrude from the balcony railings because they actually create a beautiful, colorful curtain. Part of their family are: gauge, lobelia, dichondra, flour.

However, not all gardeners follow the rule of mixing the three groups. The most common color combinations for chests or baskets are:

    Container with spices – curly parsley, oregano, mint, lemongrass, savory;

    Mix of mushroom varieties

    Petunia and gauge

    Mix of colorful begonias

    Succulent mix

There are so many different flowers to choose from that it will be very hard for you to make a decision especially if you are a flower lover. It is important to note that all flowers require care and love if you want them to bloom for as long as possible. Once you give them the necessary care, be sure that you will have the most beautiful flowers. They are living organisms that require attention and love just as humans and animals. A flower will always be special if you provide them with enough care and love. Treat them well and they will give you the best view you can possibly imagine.

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