Extreme hot weather may cause illness in several ways. Kids are more sensitive to heat. They may receive heat stroke quicker than adults. Make sure you have arranged something to protect the children. Mothers can shop basic accessories such as hats, goggles, water bottles, handkerchiefs and more at NOON store. Coupon.ae presents authenticated Noon promo code UAE for buyers in the United Arab Emirates. Here are ways how mothers can protect children from heat stroke. 

Preventing Extreme Heat Effects:

Whether it is hot or cold outside, the kids have to play according to their routine. Mothers should let them play but it is necessary to make some arrangements. For example, children must wear protective gear such as hats while playing in hot. On the other hand, mothers can do some different steps so they kids will not get a direct effect of heat. 

  • Think about Air-conditioned place:Do you have air conditioners at home? You are lucky and your kids are safe from the heat. Maintaining the temperature of rooms in hot is very important. This is usually done by keeping the temperatures at 26 +Degrees Celsius. Don’t you have an air conditioning system at home? Well, there are other things you can do in this case. For example, keep the rooms open to allow air circulation. Let the kids stay in an open-air place with shade
  • Stay hydrated:This is the main thing mothers must ensure. Ask the kids to drink plenty of water. Don’t they love drinking plain water? Prepare squashes or other juices for them. It would be better to add some salt and sugar in the juices. This is a great solution to maintain the nutrients in the body. Infants also need intensive care on hot days. Give them more milk after short intervals. It would be great if you bring an automatic humidifier for the room. This helps to maintain the moisture content in the rooms. 
  • Use light dresses:Dress the kids in light-colored and lightweight outfits. Avoid multiple layers. Prefer cotton based shirts and pants as these remain cool and retain moisture for longer. Buy the latest cotton shirts and stuffs at affordable prices with a Noon promo code UAE
  • Enhance rest time: Encourage the kids to take rest during the peak hours from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM.Buy them some toys so they will prefer to stay at home. 

  • Cool off: Ask the kids to take bath if they are feeling hot. A cool bath helps to retain water in body while bringing the body temperature down. Is there a swimming pool at home?Well, this is a fortune for everyone. Get some swimming pool toys and accessories. Buy these things with considerable discounts if you apply Noon promo code UAE.

When to Call a Physician?

This depends on the symptoms and severity of the heat stroke. If your kids are ill and feeling lazy then you should visit a physician as soon as possible. Other important symptoms to observe include headache, nausea, fever, intense thirst, pale yellow urination, vomiting and muscle spasms.

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