Lumbar refers to the lower portion of the spine. Any compressed nerves in the lumbar can lead to significant issues in the body movements. It is possible to treat the lumbar disorder by nonsurgical methods if the patient reaches the doctor in initial stages. The doctor generally starts the treatment by medicines and natural therapies. If there are not any changes in the condition of the patient with non-surgical procedures, then the surgeon recommends Lumbar Decompression Surgery.

What is Lumbar Spine Surgery?

Lumbar Decompression or Lumbar Spine Surgery refers to surgical procedures used to treat the compressed nerves in the lower spine. The main focus of the surgery is to eliminate the chronic pain and other signs and symptoms of the disorder.

The experienced doctors excel in providing efficient Lumbar Decompression Treatment in India. They first begin with the diagnosis of the condition of the patient and suggest for the treatment method accordingly.

Lumbar decompression is generally used as a treatment option for:

  • Slipped Disc:

It is a condition when the damaged spinal disc put considerable pressure on an underlying nerve.

  • Spinal Stenosis:

Each section of the spine has a considerable gap. Spinal stenosis is the medical condition that leads to narrowing of the particular portion of the spinal column, resulting in compression of the underlying nerve.

  • Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression:

Metastatic spinal cord compression is the result of cancer in a particular organ of the body that spreads to the spine and put considerable pressure on the nerves. This condition can cause severe pain and difficulty in bending or other physical activities.

  • Spinal Injuries

Fractures, accident or inflammation of the tissue that affects the spine.

After the treatment, the surgeons keep patients under observation as per the medical condition and response of the patient towards surgery. For faster recovery, the medical team guides the patient to follow some physical therapies, take medicines, and suggest regular follow up from the surgeons to avoid complications.

Cost of Lumbar Spine Surgery in India:

Lumbar Treatment Cost in India is USD 6,800, which is highly affordable and almost one-fourth of the overall price of medical procedures in other developed countries across the globe.

If you are suffering any lumber disorder, you can visit India to receive efficient treatment at very reasonable prices. The availability of top surgeons and best hospitals makes it possible to treat maximum patients in the country.

Final Words:

Spinal disorders can affect your personal and professional life severely. However, availing the treatment in India can help you to recover from chronic pain, you will receive considerable relief in your obstructed body movements and can take up with your routine at the earliest. Apart from that, the success rate of lumbar decompression surgery in India is above 99%, so after the treatment, you are not going to face any complications.

Even if there are any temporary risks after the surgery, those are temporary, and the surgeons will provide you with drugs and medicines to overcome the side-effects within the recovery period.

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