People looking for answers what’s good about the Golf GTI 2020; for them the answer is what’s not good about it. From stylistic designs to powerful engine, superior build quality, attractive interior, smooth handling and more; the 2020 version of Golf GTI from Volkswagen has it all. This is why more people are interested in purchasing this car from car dealerships in Bakersfield.

However, it is understandable that such a short and brief answer would not satisfy most people. Hence, all details about this vehicle are mentioned below.

Powerful engine

Let’s start with the best aspect of this vehicle; it engine! The Golf GTI 2020 is equipped with a four-cylinder engine that generates 228 horsepower. Though, the power is not overwhelming but provides quick acceleration and instant response. Also, manual transmission comes with clutch pedal which is quite easy for people to use; thus, shifting in this vehicle never feels like a chore.

Apart from this, automatic dual clutch option is one of the best when it comes to list of automatic transmission. Also, being a responsive and swift vehicle which corners exceptionally well, it is fun to use it as every day commuting car. In addition, it is predictable as well as coordinated when it comes to throttle and steering input and responses accurately and fast.

Fuel efficient car

This vehicle has lower fuel consumption than most of its rivals in the market. The EPA rating states that this vehicle offers 24 mpg when driven in a city and 34 mpg when on a highway. However, many have reported that on highway sometimes it crosses the 36 mpg mark. To know more about the fuel efficiency one can easily contact Kern County car dealer immediately.

Price of models in market

Three variants are available in market; S is the entry-level model which costs $29,515. The mid-tier trim SE comes at $33,115 and lastly, the top end model is Autobahn which is priced at $37,415.

In every version there is something of value which is worth the price. Though S trim is a good choice, most people opt for SE or Autobahn as they offer certain features which make this car always provide a sweet ride.

The mid and top-tier trim comes with advanced features like climate control, leather seats, driver assistance, and more. Also, every model is equipped with an amazing touchscreen that is easy to use. Also, usage of voice commands and menu buttons makes each of the models worth the buy.

Lastly, all models are equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for continuous streaming without any issue. All these make the Golf GTI 2020 one of the best cars to buy. It is compact yet offers ample space and is powerful enough to make one feel great when driving it.

So, you got the answer for what are the good things about this vehicle. Now that you know it, simply visit a car dealer to opt for a test drive. As soon as you take a test drive you will definitely book one for yourself!

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