Australian National Flag Day is celebrated on September 3rd each year in Australia. The holiday commemorates the day in 1901 on which the first official Australian flag was flown. On that day, Prime Minister Edmund Barton announced the final flag designs and flag design winners. Also, the first flag was large and was flown over the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne.

A specific date for this holiday was not implemented until 1984, when it was arranged that the historic moment would be observed on the 3rd of September. Festivities are held all over the country, and a public ceremony is held in Hyde Park, Sydney. Also, ceremonies are held annually in schools and major centres, and the Governor-General, Governors, and some politicians attend the ceremony in Hyde Park or release statements to the media. To learn more about Australian National Flag Day and why it is important, read on.

The History of the Flag

There is a rich history behind the flag of Australia. The first flag was introduced in 1770, when it was a British Union Flag. It was originally used by Captain Cook in 1770 and Captain Phillip in 1788. From that point, the flag went through many evolutions to make it what it is today. The flag is now what was known as the “Commonwealth Blue Ensign.” The current flag is a symbol of independence for Australia.

The time between 1770 and 1953 when the “Commonwealth Blue Ensign” became the official national flag was a time for many changes for the flag of Australia. Many alterations and changes were made that came at different points throughout history to make it into the Australian flag we know today.

Why Is It Important?

Australian National Flag Day is important because it is core to the freedom of the country. Since Australia was once a part of the British colonies, it took a lot of time to slowly become independent. Independence is core to Australian values, so that day in 1901 when the first flag of Australia was flown has a lot of meaning behind it. This is one of the most important days in Australia’s history thus far.

However, the first official Australian flag that way flown has since been lost. This great piece of history has yet to be discovered since it was flown over 115 years ago. This is why Allan Pidgeon leads the movement to find the flag and discover the story behind its disappearance. Finding the flag would mean a lot for Australia and the rich history behind the country, which is why the movement of finding the flag is backed by thousands of individuals.

How Is Australian National Flag Day Celebrated?

Australian National Flag Day is celebrated with all types of festivities, including a ceremony in Hyde Park, Sydney. Many similar ceremonies are held across the country, and most individuals enjoy a day to celebrate their country and heritage. Also, parties on this day are very common and popular among the people of the Commonwealth of Australia.

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