A design engineer is someone who will create prototypes that can then be turned into finished products. This is a highly technical job and requires years of training. If you are thinking about a career in design engineering, then you will need to study at a university in order to get a good qualification.

There are many different areas that you can go into when you are qualified as a design engineer. Your prototypes will need to be incredibly detailed and you will need to have a firm grasp of physics and mathematics. This is a very competitive field.

What are the different types of design engineering?


All of the buildings that you see around you started off as blueprints drawn by a design engineer. The blueprints need to take into account the foundations as well as the finished structure. A quality design engineer will be able to exactly work out the “stress points” which will have an effect on the structure. A poorly designed building could collapse if these stress points are not taken into account.

As well as buildings, a design engineer involved in architecture will also be able to draw up the blueprints that are needed for bridges and tunnels. Without detailed blueprints, these structures could not be built to the high standards that we see around the world today.


Design engineers are instrumental in drawing the prototype for nuclear storage facilities. This takes into account how the facility can protect people from the threat of radiation. Virtual prototyping software is often used to make sure that the structure of the facility is completely sound and that there are no possibilities of any leaks occurring at any stage. Look no further than here for design jobs in Malaysia that are challenging and well paid.


Design engineers are involved in making the prototypes for aeroplanes and helicopters. Over the years, the designs of aircraft have become much more sophisticated as the technology for building bigger and better aircrafts has improved. This requires a keen understanding of physics and how air pressure can affect the performance of an aircraft.

Several prototypes may need to be created of one aeroplane before the design is completely finalised. Safety is a prime concern when the aircraft is being designed, so this will influence every aspect of the aircraft design from the tip of the wing to the wheels.


Machines need to be designed down to the minutest detail in order for them to work properly. The slightest prototyping error could lead to machines being developed that break down all the time or pose a danger to the people who are using them.

Everything from a robotic arm for assembling car parts to a conveyor belt transporting equipment needs to work perfectly. It is the job of the design engineer to make sure that the machine blueprints are drawn to a high standard.

A career in design engineering gives you a lot of options, so take some time to think about what kind of engineering interests you.

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