From here begins the suffering of women and the problems of how to control pests and there is also suffering from the use of insecticides to get rid of these insects, if not authorized by the ministries of health in your country.

It is known that insecticides because of their chemicals and cause severe health damage in addition to non-desirable odors and potential.

It is worth mentioning that most of the Arab countries suffer from the spread of insects due to high temperatures and humidity, especially places overlooking water bodies.

These insects and pests cause a lot of health damage and diseases in the case of home.

First, we will learn about pest control in many ways

Pest control recipes to get rid of many types of insects

Get rid of cockroaches

This type of insect breeds large and fast

Cockroaches are sickening pests that cause distress and anxiety because they are at home.

Recipes tried to get rid of cockroaches

The first recipe

Put some foods that are not desirable when cockroaches are pieces of cucumber or lemon, garlic and clove oil.

These species evade cockroaches and work to get rid of them quickly

Second recipe:

Put the water in a bowl with coffee powder and cockroaches trying to approach them and fall into them

The third recipe for the pest control process for cockroaches

It is possible to mix one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate with one tablespoon of sugar and then placed in a container with a short edge and placed in the places where cockroaches are located

Spraying places with soap and water through a pesticide spraying box or a detergent spraying system

One of the best ways to control pests is also a method of forcing cockroaches to stay away or to harm the crickets

Put naphthalene in ponds and sinks in the purifier of the naphtha and the smell of mothballs do not like cockroaches and escape them

Get rid of flies

Flies are insects that cause great inconvenience in terms of disgusting voice and also rotation around the person is known to flies that his memory is short.

Thus he returns after being expelled several times by hand to the same place where he was expelled and enters flies from open windows and doors as well.

One of the shortest things is the flies stand on the exposed food and this causes a great inconvenience at home

Therefore, some homeowners use control services through an insect control company. There are also ways to get rid of flies:

Recipes tried to get rid of flies:

(Recipe # 1)

Cut a lemon and then planted cloves sticks and placed in the place where flies.

This makes flies to leave the place and that’s because flies don’t like that smell

It can also be used to plant aromatic plants such as basil and peppermint at home and these are also unpleasant smells of flies and escape them

(Recipe # 2)

Add a little vinegar with a glass of water and clear means and put in places where flies.

This type of liquid can be replenished every two days and flies run away from home

Ways to get rid of the law

It is known that mosquitoes are annoying insects and are usually found in agricultural and animal husbandry areas

The law is one of the insects that many want to know a distinctive method of pest control methods to be singled out.

Mosquitoes cause severe anxiety, especially through strong stings.

Recipes to get rid of the law:

Boil mint and leaves in a spray bottle It is known that the mint helps to expel the mosquito and has a pleasant aromatic odors

Getting rid of mice is one of the most common pest control methods

There are many rodent control methods. It is possible to get rid of mice in this way

Collect tea bags with mint bags and place them in places where there are suspicions that mice are frequented by mice.

Get rid of fleas

Dry yeast can be sprayed in flea areas and fresh garlic. Garlic is placed in different flea areas.

This helps get rid of insects of this type quickly.


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