Oh, Australia, a place that is known for its beautiful beaches, its daring adventures, its lovely landscapes, and its friendly people. It’s the kind of place where you want to take a motorhome hire and travel to as many places as possible to truly take advantage of this unique and incredible destination.

There are several favorite cities for those who have been to Australia before. Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane get multitudes of visitors on a regular basis, but there are other places that aren’t as well-known that are as equally enticing.

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Beyond it being a place for you to enjoy the sea and surfing, Cairns is one city that you will want to visit during your road trip. It’s one of Australia’s most charming spots and with good reason. We won’t give it away, but as you read on, you will wonder how you never knew about this Australian gem.

Reasons to Visit Cairns

Cairns is located near the Great Barrier Reef which happens to be one of Australia’s biggest attractions. If you already have the Great Barrier Reef on your radar for your trip, then you are headed in the right direction. Below you will find some of the top things to do while in Cairns, but as you explore the city and the surrounding areas, you will find that these suggestions are only the beginning of the abundance of entertaining experiences to be had in this area of Australia.

  • Would you like to see the Great Barrier Reef from a different angle? Please say yes, because there is nothing else quite like it. Take a heli fight and bring your camera with you, because Cairns will provide you with a remarkable opportunity that you will never forget. One word can describe this experience: breathtaking.
  • While seeing the Great Barrier Reef from above is also incredible, you can’t visit Cairns without seeing it up close and personal. Go snorkeling and appreciate the most glorious reef that exists, but please, for the sake of our planet and wildlife, wear eco-friendly sunscreen and don’t touch the reef.
  • Cairns is where you can enjoy some of the most delicious seafood to be found in Australia. From oysters to fresh fish, make sure to visit one of the many ocean-front restaurants in the area. In the same vein, if you are the type who can’t get enough of your coffee-fix, there are several great coffee shops to spend time at just getting to know the culture, the area, and the coffee.
  • Visit the beach and relax. You’re here for vacation, aren’t you? Cairns makes it easy to relax with its friendly and chilled atmosphere. Explore the area near the Cairns Lagoon and take a leisurely stroll while trying the different snacks or goodies form the local spots. The Esplanade is highly popular for people who are just looking to relax and enjoy the vibe. It’s a great spot for hanging out and you will be sure to have the opportunity to chat up the locals and discover more about what makes Cairns such a charming place to be.

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  • Go out and meet people at night or during the day–whenever suits you. People in Cairns are friendly and welcoming and you might be surprised; you could end up with lifelong friends.
  • Go on a cultural tour to learn more about the Tjapukai Aborigines. There is much that many people-foreign to Australia-don’t know about Australia’s indigenous people and for cultural buffs, learning more about these people is a great experience.
  • Visit Cairns Night Markets and pick up some goodies for when you continue on your way. It’s a great way to try new foods while also being able to enjoy some of the local culture.
  • If you like to see native plants in the places that you visit around the world, you will want to visit the Cairns Botanic Gardens. You will be impressed with the beauty of this spot and its plethora of tropical plants.
  • Go explore some of the amazing tropical rainforests in the area, particularly the Daintree. You will be rewarded with vegetation-galore, plenty of wildlife, and if you want to do something “adventurous,” go for a boat ride down the Daintree River and see what kind of wild animals you may get to know (did we mention the word ‘crocodiles’?).


Cairns is where you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere while exploring one of Australia’s most desirable destinations. The Great Barrier Reef draws people from around the world on a regular basis and it is truly worth visiting at least once in your life.

If you want to have a base for exploring the surrounding natural areas-of which there are plenty-Cairns is a great spot for parking your motorhome hire while you get to know the beauty of one of Australia’s best destinations.

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