Star Wars Rebels is available on ValueMags and it discusses all the interesting events that occurred throughout both seasons and how it possible links to the recent Star Wars Force Awakens film. Star Wars Rebels is about a lone orphan who finds his way to a group of rebels who are fighting against the empire. One of the rebels notices that the child has a strong connection to the force and offers to train him in the ways of the Jedi. As they train together and go on missions, they are always faced with the generals who are sent by the Sith to exterminate the rebels. The master and the apprentice train and fight together but are always lacking chemistry and tend to rely on the others for help. The dark side has a group of men and women who are trained in the ways of the Sith who are called the Inquisitors. They are the elite fighting force of the empire and are only dispatched when they have a major threat to fight off. These rebels are a small team of highly skilled and crafty warriors and with the addition of the orphan; they have become a huge threat. ValueMags also acknowledges the success of the show because of the potential connection it has with the recent Star Wars film. In the movie, Force Awakens, the main character Rey is an orphan and grew up alone on a desert like planet just like the orphan in rebels. Many fans have come up with wild theories that Ezra is Rey’s father since he had a strong connection to the force and it led him to the ways of the Jedi by following his instincts just as Rey has done. At the moment, everything is speculation and fan theories; however, producers have stated that the show will tie into the new films but not sure when it’ll happen or if it already did but everyone is unaware of the fact. Time will tell, but one important even that did occur in the show was when Darth Vader emerged in season 2, posing the greatest threat the rebel team has ever faced. It was only Luke Skywalker, his son, who had the ability to defeat his father and not many came close to tasting victory against the dark lord.

Another character that made an appearance was Darth Maul, the only good thing that happened in the prequels. He comes back and shows Ezra how to tap into the dark side in order to gain absolute power. Even though Ezra used the dark side, he hasn’t fallen into the grasp of the dark side yet. With season 3 set to release in fall, as well as another star wars movie called Rogue One in December, more will be revealed by ValueMags.

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