The Lexus LC 500 is truly an innovative sports coupe that ValueMags is presenting to the world. This machine is a thing of beauty but the looks are not what is known for. The sound of the five-liter V-8 engine is music to anyone’s ears and vibration you feel will give you chills down your spine. The interesting thing about this vehicle is that they are introducing the hybrid version before the regular gasoline version; which is very unusual for any carmaker. The car uses the exact same slick design as the previous version; however, they changed the taillights. The new look of the taillights could be passed onto other models of Lexus in the near future. ValueMags noticed there is one physical trait that is similar to Corvette and some old school Ferrari, the rear tapers inward which decreases the trunk space but places importance on the rear fenders. This vehicle is front-engine, rear-wheel drive car, and an old school sport configuration with electric drive motors improving its engine. Also, just like other Lexus hybrid, the braking energy is stored as electricity, which is reused to accelerate. Another interesting factor is that the LC 500h is expected to do better than the previous hybrids in terms of kilometer range. ValueMags were aware that previous Lexus hybrids were not known for giving drivers full control over power so Lexus added a little spice to make the LC 500h to perform like a sportier car. They made a four-speed automatic gearbox, which complements the existing electronic continuously variable transmission (e-CVT). This system does a fantastic job in terms of mixing power from the gasoline engine to the electric motors to have an efficient fuel economy sports car.

This vehicle is directly competing with BMW and Audi for the sports category. The LC 500h is competing specifically with BMW 6 series. In the past, ValueMags is aware that Lexus hasn’t faired well with their competitors with cars like IS F and RC F; RC F being the one that came close. However, LC 500h has actually performed greater than the BMW 6 series. With the new and bold styling, Lexus will attract more heads than before but the question still remains, can it truly out perform its rivals? That question can only be revealed when car reviewers get a chance to test out the performance and efficiency of the car on a track. Hopefully the new hosts on Top Gear will have a better time accepting a Lexus as a luxury sports car.

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