Advance planning will be key to making sure that a graduation celebration goes according to a set schedule, and it will allow for the person doing the organization to also participate in the event. There are various ways to utilize the best steps to planning a great graduation party, and the preparation should begin a couple of weeks or months prior to the intended date.

The first thing to do will be to sit down and write out a guest list with contact information, including address, email and phone numbers. This guest list should include a mixture of friends, classmates, community guests and family members. Invitations will be sent out based on this list so it should be reviewed carefully. Another purpose for creating a guest list is to get an approximate count of the number of people who will attend this special celebration.

Next, the party planner should begin to look at possible venues based on the number of people attending. Quality invitations will need to be mailed out or emailed, and a request to for an RSVP should be included. Guests should also be given a deadline to respond back via mail or email. Based on the response, the organizer will be able to determine the best location for the event. Some people may decide to have the event in their home for a few intimate friends and family members.

The third item to consider will be the menu for the event. The food choices should be based on what the guest of honor prefers. The dishes may be served in a buffet form, or guests may be served at their table. A way to minimize the total cost for food will be to request that each household bring a favorite dish to share in order to supplement what the organizer is serving.

Quality entertainment will keep the event social and festive. A local band can be chosen to perform a set number of songs during the celebration. In addition to the band, a disc jockey will be able to play songs when the band is taking a break. The venue will need to have adequate space for everyone to enjoy dancing and for the musicians to setup.

Lastly, the room should be full of decorations that signify the importance of the occasion. Party favors can be created to look like graduation caps or other graduation themes. A large banner that is hung up will show the graduate’s photograph and the information about their school. A delicious cake should also be ordered for the party. A separate table can be decorated and set aside to hold gifts presented to the graduate.

Guests should also leave the party with a nicely packaged gift full of treats designed around a graduate theme. A sweet cookie or candy will be enjoyed during the drive home, and it will be a treasured party favor.

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