The internet has changed the world in some amazing ways. People often look back at computing solely in terms of hardware. They might look at older microcomputers with an idea that it’s little different than modern varieties. It’s natural to assume that newer computers are the same as the old. Simply with faster processors and more RAM. But there’s a huge difference between the two.

And it comes down to one simple feature. Newer computing leverages the power of the internet. While the older microcomputers were largely incapable of handling the internet as we know it today. The fact that most people don’t consider that fact says a lot about the situation.

The internet has become so tied in with modern computing that we often don’t even notice it. Or, it might be more appropriate to say that we don’t notice the internet until it’s gone. That’s the point where the internet’s ubiquity becomes conspicuous in its absence. It’s when we really begin to see just how important it is for our daily life. Even how much of what we assume is important about a computer actually comes down to the internet.

It’s also why it’s so important to get the best possible home internet service. But there’s another factor to consider as well. And that’s the issue of latency. When we use the internet it’s a process of sending and receiving signals. A web browser sends a signal across the internet connection to a remote server. The server then processes that request. It proceeds to send back the relevant data. But a larger issue is that there’s usually multiple stops to further process a signal along the way.

One should consider just how many stops are involved in this process. It’s part of why it’s so important to minimize the overall resistance to signal transference at the point of origin. This will have an end effect of reducing overall latency. It’s easier to do this than one might imagine. One can usually accomplish this by focusing on local conditions. The point of origin and the next few stops are usually the most important when it comes to latency.

Take an example of someone who lives in Chelan County WA. He’d first want to make sure that he was using local service. So he’d want to ensure that he was using a home internet service provider Chelan County WA style. That style referring to the fact that it’s a local service. What one gets from that is lowered latency due to a lack of extra connections.

For example, if a server is located on the other side of an ocean it’d be a rather long distance. But use of a local connection ensures that as much of that can travel uninterrupted as possible before moving on to a secondary connection. This helps to ensure that the overall speed of one’s internet connection remains fast. And it also ensures that one can depend on the stability of the connection. A local service can usually offer prompt responses to service interruptions.

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