If you are a lady of child bearing age, then by now you might have had an idea of Pap smears. Most times test results come out normal, but on certain occasions, abnormal results emerge which points to further round of testing being called for. If an abnormal result emerges there is no reason to panic. It could mean something serious or there could be no cause of worry. This concept is not unheard off and most would be mothers are administered these type of treatment. An abnormal pap smear pregnant does not signify any major cause of worry.

Abnormal Pap smear when pregnant

During pregnancy it is completely safe to opt for a Pap smear test. If it is due for them the doctors are going to perform, this is irrespective of the pregnancy status of a woman. The major difference that you are going to witness when you conduct a pap smear when pregnant is increase in levels of bleeding. As cervix is emerged with blood at this point of time, a slight degree of bleeding is on common lines as part of a Pap smear test.

The moment a woman is told they are suffering from an abnormal pap smear it would trigger a sense of anxiety. But it does not pose to be a major cause of concern at all. What it does mean is that an additional round of testing may be called for. It could point to the occurrence of cancer cells,, but it can emerge from infection. Your doctor is going to ask you to be part of further tests.

Treatment during the tenure of pregnancy

If you are pregnant and have gone on to be part of an abnormal pap smear, medical experts suggest doctor is going to perform a colposcopy. During this test the cervix will be viewed under a magnifying lens. In doing so the doctor can figure out what lead to the emergence of an abnormal pap result, and how further course of treatment is to be carried ahead.

Treatment once pregnancy is over

If a doctor confides that the presence of abnormal Pap smear did go on to emerge from cancer cells, it is better that you wait till pregnancy is over to receive treatment. If it is in the early stage of pregnancy the doctor may ask you to terminate the pregnancy and seek treatment at the earliest. On the other  hand if presence of cancer cells is being detected at a later stage the doctor might ask you to induce labor earlier. This would enable you to seek treatment at the earliest.

To conclude from an abnormal Pap smear test no risk is posed to the mother along with the baby. From medical point of view cells are washed during the process of labor or delivery. If a doctor feels that an abnormal pap smear can pose a risk to your baby, then could ask you to go for a C section delivery. But such a thought process is rare.

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