Food taken in proper level and proper way will supply needed essentials to the body whereas the same food can be used for healing certain health issues. Such food items are considered as the best home remedies that cure diseases in different stages. The one of the spices that is used in most of the food items in India in other Asian countries is turmeric which has wonderful medicinal benefits. It is used in everyday food by Indians moreover study proves that it is used for many decades for healing.

Back from thousands of years, turmeric has been used for medicine and since it has wonderful medicinal benefits it is also used in preparing foods. It may not seem good if it is tasted as raw but it adds colour and taste to the food in different food items. It is used as raw for skin diseases, injuries as it brings healing if it is applied on the injured spot. Turmeric mixed with other spices would behave a healing medicine that treats wounds and allergies. It is considered as the one of the best antibiotic and it is universally accepted after various studies.

Found in India from the roots of Zingiberaceae tree, it is part of ginger family and recently after serous studies, it is used widely in many countries. It has been considered as the best ingredient in all the medicines prepared in Ayurvedic medicine. Natural products have positive effect on the human body always because human body is designed in a way to respond for the natural products than the chemical products. The fact is that there will be no side effects in using or taking natural products for healing or for food. It will add colour, taste and healing to the food item and that is why people consume large amounts of this curry spice in India.

Antioxidants are most important for the health as it plays crucial role in keeping the body free from diseases. It is found in the fresh vegetables and fruits and moreover turmeric is rich in anti oxidants. This is the main reason that it is used in food items as there are many benefits of taking it. Antioxidants increase cardio vascular health and keeps heart healthy; it increases immunity in the body to fight against foreign agents that brings diseases. Antioxidants treats skin diseases as it deals with the skin cells and tissues keeping it healthier and also it deals with stress and mood disorders in a person. Therefore there are numerous advantage of taking turmeric in the day to day life as it is being the one of the most beneficial for health in various ways.

Turmeric is most powerful and the one of the foremost factor to be considered is that it is purely natural. Therefore there is no chance for side effects so it can be taken as raw or it can be used in every day food items in any form to increase taste and to increase the medicinal effects in the food.


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