Agra is a great tourist destination and has several places that you will find worth visiting if you love admiring architecture, Indian history, and nature. If you are on a short trip to Agra and just have one day in hand, then you need to plan your trip well. Mentioned here are some of the places and things that you must visit and try in Agra on your one day trip.

Feel enchanted by the elegance of the Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is known to be one of the most famous destinations for tourists all over the world. It is located in Agra, UP on River Yamuna’s southern bank. Taj Mahal is only 6km away from Agra Cantonment Railway station. In the year 1632, Shah Jahan, the Mughal emperor commissioned it in the loving memory of his wife, Mumtaz. In the year 1983 UNESCO named it as a World Heritage Site. Millions of visitors visit this Seven Wonders of the World every year. The marble dome that is also called as onion dome is the most stunning feature of the Taj Mahal. The exterior part of this monument is well decorated by stone carvings, paint, and concrete. While visiting here, remember that it remains closed on Friday and opens half an hour before sunrise and closes half an hour before sunset. But you can visit this place at night on a full moon as it is open during that time at night. From Agra, you can book local transport such as cab and auto-rickshaws to reach Taj Mahal. Tourists need to hire cycle-rickshaws and electric buses to reach the Taj Mahal because no petrol and diesel vehicle is permitted in the area for protecting the monument’s beauty.

Have a look at the historic Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah

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It was the first tomb that was constructed in white marble and not in red sandstone. It officially announced red sandstone’s cessation from Mughal architecture. Nur Jahan, who was the mother of Emperor Shah Jahan, has constructed it. It is present on River Yamuna’s eastern bank in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. As this tomb was built with the exact intricate carvings and stonework like the Taj Mahal, it is often called as the “Baby Taj.” But it comes with a more exquisite artwork that includes marble lattice screen and excellent carvings. Beautiful gardens surround the Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah and thus make it an ideal spot for relaxing and experiencing the magnificence of the old age that showcased fine art, culture as well as history. Photo fanatics and history buffs love to visit this place. It is open from 8am-12 am all days of the week. It is sited in Agra’s Moti Bagh area and is just 25 minutes away from the Taj Mahal. You can hire cabs, buses as well as auto-rickshaws from anywhere in Agra for reaching here.

Savour the taste of local street food

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Paranthas are an integral part of the Mughlai culture. You must be thinking that Delhi is the only place to eat paranthas, but that is not true. If you are in Agra, then you must have a taste of them. Agra is the perfect place for savouring them. You will find different varieties that include stuffing with potato, paneer, carrot, and cauliflower and are served with pickles, mashed vegetables, and creamy yoghurt. It being a popular street food here, you will find it in several places. But you must try to enjoy it at Rambabu Paranthe Wale.

Enjoy shopping at Sadar Bazaar

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There are many markets present in Agra, but Sadar Bazaar is the ultimate shopping destination for tourists. You will get hold of many alluring souvenirs as well as other items. Leather goods, shoes, marble works, antiques, marble goods, and handicraft items are the best products that you can buy from here. It is also nearby Agra Fort that you can visit next.

Be engrossed in the beauty of the Agra Fort

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The popularity of the Taj Mahal overshadows this beautiful and vital fort. It is a perfect instance of Mughal architecture that will mark a place in all tourists’ memory. If you are in Agra, then you should visit this place as it is among the top two monuments of India. Agra Fort is a cluster of sandstones as well as marble palaces that are enwrapped in a vast fortress. It defines power as well as a defence. In the 16th century, Akbar constructed this fort as a military base, and later Jahangir turned it into a royal accommodation. It is closed on Friday, but other days it is open from 6am-6pm. Agra Fort is just 2.5 km away from the Taj Mahal. You can reach here from the Agra Railway Station that is only 15 minutes away. Bus services along with cab, cycle-rickshaw can be availed to reach Agra Fort.

Get mesmerized by the sunset at Mehtab Bagh

It is a perfect place for nature lovers and photographers. It was the last Mughal garden that was constructed along the Yamuna River. It is a crescent-shaped garden and is known to a great spot for having a spectacular view of the Taj Mahal directly across the River Yamuna. It is a must-visit place during your overnight trip to Agra. Get mesmerized by the sunset, and if you are fortunate enough, you will get to witness great colours in the sky. You can also have a look at the reflection of the Taj Mahal in the pond present in this garden. Bright flowers and trees can likewise be spotted everywhere. It is also a less crowded place and thus much peaceful. It is situated very close to the Taj Mahal. It is open every day from 6am to 6pm. You can book buses, cabs and auto-rickshaws to reach this place that is located just opposite to the Taj Mahal.

End your day by relishing some local petha

Petha is known to be one of the most notable names that symbolize Agra. Petha of Agra is a delectable fantasy for dessert lovers. It is challenging to find an authentic shop in Agra that sells petha as most of them claims themselves to the maker of real ones. Visit Panchi Petha sited at Hari Parwat crossing Kesari. It is the most genuine shop from where you can eat pethas. Other than this, Pracheen Petha, as well as Bhimsain Baidyanath, also sells tasty pethas in the city of Agra. You can also visit Brijwasi that is Agra’s famous sweet selling shop.

So if you are planning to visit Agra for a one day trip, then you must include all these places in your itinerary. Thus you will be able to have an enjoyable and unforgettable trip.

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