FIBC bags are flexible bulk containers which are used world-wide for bulk transportation. Thanks to the technology these bags are designed according to their use such as for special filling and emptying machinery, automatic feeding to handle the required product capacity. Every industry that handles large quantities of products or waste needs to be able to manage them quickly, efficiently and safely. For this reason, the big bag becomes the essential option for all those companies that need to transport products in bulk. Thus, FIBC is a very convenient option when it comes to transportation of bulk materials.

The property of the product or material to be transported is the main factor to take into account when choosing the most suitable FIBC bag for your company. Below written are the top benefits of using bulk bags for materials transportation.

Enormously efficiency

Bulk bags for materials are one of the cheapest types of packaging in the market. They are a great money saver when it comes to cost of purchase, storage and transport. To move large quantities of product bulk bags can be controlled without external elements or with a simple forklift or pallet truck.

Environment friendly

A large number of these industrial bags are reusable and with a totally recyclable material as they use treatments that do not alter the composition of the polypropylene polyamide. In addition to that, these types of industrial packaging comply with UN regulations on the transport of dangerous goods and materials.

Streamline filling and emptying process

There are various industries that have taken up big bags daily in their work and that is why their design and composition has been perfected so much over the years. Specialized machinery has also been adapted with respect to these industrial bags in order to make the process of filling and emptying much more agile and thus increase production.

Storage optimization

These big-bags are reusable bags and single-use bags. When they are not in use it should be noted that they are easily storable and can be folded until they are completely flat, so the space they occupy is minimal. The FIBC have integrated lifting handles which makes them easy to transport as there is no need for external handling devices. There is no additional packaging required as the product in FIBC bags can be transported with complete protection. As bulk bags are a type of stackable container they save more storage space during transportation.

Most versatile transportation option

Big bag is a “tailored suit” model which can cover any type of packaging need. With the availability of four-color printing the FIBC becomes a mobile advertising option to promote a company or brand name easily. These bags have a default document holder sewn to hold any document to accompany the merchandise.

If you are looking for the answer to best bulk transportation then choose FIBC bags with different types of closure, for asbestos plates and single-use or reusable options. With so many advantages they are surely one of the most suitable options for bulk transportation of products.

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