People who are injured through no fault of their own have the legal right to make a claim for compensation. And yet, many people choose not to, mainly out of a fear that their claim will not be accepted. To put your mind at ease and to help you make the right decision, here’s 5 reasons why your compensation claim will be accepted:

It wasn’t your fault

If an accident was not your fault you are legally entitled to file a claim for compensation. The law makes this very clear. The fact is, if an accident was not your fault and you have lost out financially because of it, it is only right you get those costs back.

Most people only choose to make a claim because their accident has left them unable to pay their bills. Some make a claim because they want justice. Whatever the case, if an accident wasn’t your fault, the other side will have no option but to meet your compensation demands.

The law

The law is on your side as the victim of an accident and your solicitor will use this to your full advantage. Citing previous successful cases and presenting the facts, your solicitor will force the other side into settling early.

You have an excellent lawyer

All solicitors are not created equal. Some have a knack for winning cases and some, built on years of experience, are happy to take on the most complex of cases.

Regardless of how simple or complex your case is, however, if you have an excellent lawyer on your side your chances of claim success are much higher. At, for instance, you will be assigned the

The other side doesn’t want to incur extra costs

For a claim to be accepted, the other side must admit liability. It sounds simple, yet you’d be surprised how easily defendants fold when presented with the facts and the prospect of a claim going to court or costing them more money. Once the defendant admits liability, a settlement figure will be agreed. At this stage, your case is already won.


Cases are built on fact and evidence. Evidence in a personal injury case can include witness statements, CCTV, health and safety records, dash cam footage and much more. But even where no obvious evidence exists, the fact than an accident occurred that could have been prevented is enough to see a case through. Your solicitor will follow a process to build a compelling case for compensation on your behalf. Have trust in your solicitor to do what’s best, and you can rest assured that your claim will be accepted in the end.

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