Today’s youth is more interested in exploring unconventional career options and choosing a way of earning money which is out of the box. The mantra for building career today is not just to work hard but to work smart as well. There are ample amount of career opportunities in the world today, and with the growing usage of Internet and social media, it paves the way for earning opportunities for the new generation. Career counsellors advise students to take up a career option that matches their interests and at the same time, is also in sync with the job market. A career guide test also helps individuals evaluate their performance and decide on which job they should take up. Let’s have a look at some of the coolest new age career options for today’s generation.

  1. Blogging

Blogging, apart from being a favorite hobby among various youth, also stands to be a full-fledged career option. In the West, it is already a full time paying job whereas in India, it is yet to become a mainstream career. While those who love to write find this career extremely satisfying and can achieve great heights by writing just about anything as long as you know how to pen your thoughts and engage readers. Blogging is all about your love for language and words and maintaining your originality. If you have that in you, it certainly is your thing.

  1. Image Consultants

The role of image consultants is to offer help and training to individuals in developing and building social skills, proper body language, dressing etiquette and suave manners for the purpose of maintaining a flawless public image. Many celebrities and public figures who have to look perfect on and off the camera in social settings hire image consultants who help them achieve an ideal public image. This career option has also been gaining popularity in India lately, and to become an image consultant, one must possess strong life skills.

  1. Life Coach

Life coaching is rather an interesting career option which requires mentoring and guiding people on their relationships, life choices, career building and so on. It also requires helping individuals cope up with stress, depression and in some cases alcohol and drugs. To be able to become a life coach, a degree in clinical counseling can be of great help, apart from that one must have deep understanding and experience of issues pertaining in life.

  1. Web designers

In today’s world, everything is digitalized, from conversations to businesses, and today having an online presence has become the need of the hour. Businesses want to have a strong online presence in the form of websites. A web designer’s job is to build a website by adding colorful graphics, layout and text that visually represents a business. You could become a web designer if you have the right computer skills and quench for designing websites in the best interest of businesses.

  1. Ethical hackers

For all the computer geeks who love to hack accounts and crack passwords just for fun, there’s a whole new career option for them. Many IT giants look out for ethical hackers for security purposes. To become an ethical hacker, one must possess knowledge of coding in various programming languages. For applying as an ethical hacker in any big company it is essential that you have a course of study in this field, you can also go for short term courses that offer ethical hacking studies to get insights into this career option.

All of the above mentioned career paths have been evolving with the growing advancement in technology. When it comes to earning money and building a career out of it, one doesn’t necessarily have to study engineering or medicine. The world is growing at a very fast pace and thus these modern day career options are spreading to become part of the latest job trends in the market.

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