When talking about front facing cameras, Android platform has been improving rapidly over the years. Thankfully, with the finest camera beauty apps for Android, the platform has been keeping up really well with the hardware changes. Now, you can look stunning and spectacular simply by opening one of these applications and clicking self-portrait without any additional effort.

You can get all these applications easily from popular third party play store named 9apps. You can download 9apps Apk platform in your device and get access to all the applications without any penny. And before you start reading about the applications below; remember that all you are gorgeous, smart and stunning and you really don’t have to work much on your makeup. But it is also true that these beauty applications are real fun, enjoyment and thrill. You should try them out.

It is one of the most popular and cherished selfie apps for Android and works flawlessly on nearly any device. The app features an intuitive design that makes every single thing easily accessible. But that’s not why B612 is so adored; it’s because of its various selections of stickers that make you stand out while you take self-portraits. When talking about beautifying features, the app permits you to apply real-time beauty effects to the shots. Smoothing out your skin and also slimming out the face is possible with this specific beauty camera app for Android. The users also really like how maximum of the features come with an easy to use slider, so you can simply adjust the effect as per your personal needs.

  • Retrica

This application has been considered one of the best selfie cameras on Android. It has been reliably providing unique features to its millions of users. The app caters amazing looking filters that can be used, applied and tested in real time. Making fun collages is absolutely easy as well, all you require to do is take manifold selfies and the app does the rest. Onceit comes to beautifying features, the app does not really offer a lot in terms of editing. However, the filters are well polished and cater a distinct experience. You can even decorate and edit your pictures and videos with the help of stickers. The app also caters the capability to directly share your pictures on social media.

  • Candy Camera

Simple, quick, and reliable, the Candy Camera is one of the finest beauty cameras available. The camera app is one of the hugest beauty camera apps around and there is a great reason behind that. The app features a huge assortment of filters that make you appear amazing with only a single tap. You can conveniently check out the filters by swiping the finger left to right and find the ideal filter for your requirements. There are also some advanced beautifying features available as well. Apart from whitening and slimming effects, you can even use eyeliner, blush, lipstick, and concealer to get the ideal outcomes from your camera.

Thus, if you don’t have these applications installed in your device, you are missing out all the fun and fashion!

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