We have to admit, most of our elderly loved ones have a hard time catching up with the latest gadgets that we are using these days. Remember that our mobile phones have become more and more ‘techy’ these days. It did come out as more convenient and easy to use for the younger generation, but for grandma and grandpa, it became more confusing!

As they begin to age, they want something simple and easy to use, but can still constantly communicate with us. Gone are the days when we write letters to gran. These days, voice calls or video calls are the trends. But how can they communicate with us if all of the smartphones these days only give them headaches? All they need is a simple video phone for elderly.

Choosing A Phone or a Videophone For Gran and Gramps

When choosing a gadget for our elderly loved ones, there are simple factors that you have to consider. So here are some tips that can help you choose when shopping for a phone or videophone for your grandma or grandpa:

  • Make It Simple. Although there are some seniors who have no problems using new gadgets, we have to take into consideration those who try to avoid the complexities in life. Take for an example the smartphone that you have right now. For sure it’s loaded of advanced features that are making your life easier. But these are the add-ons that are seldom used by elderly individuals. For a senior who has never used a phone before, all they want is to be able to call and receive calls. As simple as that.
  • Easy To Use. This is very important when choosing a phone for older individuals. Konner Smart Phones is an example of these types. It has an auto answer feature, has huge buttons that are extra loud, and it also doesn’t require any computer skills for a person to use it which is definitely the perfect videophone for gran.
  • Good Audio. Older people will usually have problems with their hearing. They should be able to hear well while they are using their videophone. This is a very important factor to consider. In this case, you always have to check for the voice quality, the volume, and also to make sure that they can easily find the volume control too. They should also be easy to operate.

Why Choose Konnekt Videophone?

This is the simplest phone worldwide! This is an award-winning videophone that is specifically designed for elderly individuals with a disability or hearing loss. This is also the first phone that helps with improving their cognitive ability especially for those with memory loss or dementia. This also lowers the risk for depression according to the latest studies on the social association. Konnekt Videophone will also help a family member to be exceptional caregivers.

Konnekt Videophone also has the capability to provide a simple and effective way for caregivers to visually check for any signs of stress and poor health. If your elderly loved one has this phone, caregivers can easily make and receive calls from trusted contacts. Now, you can see, hear, and even provide comfort even if you are miles away from your loved one.

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