As the cardiologist Valentine Foster says: «the heart serves us to give more quantity of life and the brain, quality of life». With this principle we must take into account the importance of brain health and, for this, a series of habits that benefit or damage our brain.

What can we do to take care of our brain?

  • Habits that favor brain health
  • Habits that damage brain health
  • What can we do to take care of our brain?

There are many factors that help us to have good health and almost everyone knows several habits that are usually recommended to have a healthier life. But of all of them, we want to highlight those that will help you have a healthier brain and a better quality of life:

Habits that favor brain health

–  Green areas.  It is important to surround yourself with spaces in which to enjoy nature. Mainly because the brain requires a continuous supply of oxygen and supplements can help you recover fast go to for supplements. Specifically, the brain consumes 20 percent of the body’s oxygen and thanks to it gives us energy and cognitive abilities.

–  Exercise Aerobic exercise helps the generation of neurons. In addition, cardiovascular exercise makes the heart beat faster. This, in short, provides a greater brain benefit.

–  Hydration.  Dehydration is one of the factors that directly affect brain health. Therefore, we recommend an adequate water intake per day (one liter per 35 kilos, according to the WHO), so that the lack of water does not interrupt the essential processes of optimal functioning of the brain.

–  Food what matters is the diet as a whole. The direct relationship between good nutrition and the development of our brain is increasingly evident. The key to this healthy diet, as always lies in our varied and recognized Mediterranean diet. A diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, whole grains, nuts, blue fish and quality fats.

–  Friendship Experts from the University of Chicago, in the United States, who demonstrated that having friends modifies the functioning of the brain, especially in the area associated with rewards. The study revealed that the neurons in this area, which is a critical area for learning, are activated in a greater number and with more intensity if we are well accompanied.

Habits that damage brain health

As well as those habits from which you must flee:

–  Stress.  While exercise favors the increase of neurons, stress decreases it. According to research conducted by the University of California in Irvine (USA) and published in Psychological Science, daily stress can accumulate and produce, in the long term, a negative effect on mental health. According to these experts, specifically, it is the negative emotional responses to everyday discomforts that have such a “cumulative effect” and the only solution is to achieve an emotional balance.

–  Tobacco and alcohol.  Its prolonged consumption causes various damages to the body. Tobacco mainly at the pulmonary level and alcohol mostly affects the digestive system. But both, in the long run, significantly affect cognitive functions.

–  Insomnia.  Lack of sleep decreases creativity and the ability to control emotions. On the other hand it increases anxiety and hinders the ability to solve problems. For guidance, the recommended sleep hours are 8 hours if you are 20 to 50 years old and 6 hours for people who are over 50.

In addition, it has recently been discovered that one of the parts of the brain is a drainage system called the glinfatic system. Its function is to eliminate and recycle toxins from the brain during sleeping hours.

Finally, as experts in neurorehabilitation, we recommend a  lifestyle  in which you flee from sedentary lifestyle, encourage activities that require mental training and look for new things that involve novelty and intellectual challenge.

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