With vaporisers supplanting traditional smoking around the world due to convenience, cost and health, there has never been a time when this impressive piece of technology has been more in demand. Despite the increased popularity, there are still many users who are having a less than optimal experience with their vaporiser. This may be due to users being much more used to other forms of smoking, them being unsure how to use the controls on their device effectively, or messing up when it comes to introducing the herb itself. Read on to learn a few simple ways that will make your smoking experience considerably better – which  will in turn save you a good amount of money in the long run!

Getting your herb right

Although many users may mistakenly think that it is the vaporiser itself that is delivering a sub-optimal smoking experience, it’s often the preparation of the herb itself. Firstly, it’s important to always use fresh herb in a vaporiser. Vaporising relies on moisture, so there’s little chance even the best vaporisers in Australia will wring out much vapour out of months-old stale herb. After you’ve made sure that the herb is moist enough, the next step is to ensure that the grind is perfect. Grinding allows the heat that the vaporiser produces to come into more surface area contact with your herb, which in turn allows for much denser vapor. After your herb is prepared perfectly, the next step is to pack it. As with any other method of packing, packing herb in a vape will affect your smoking experience. Finding the sweet spot will mean that you never over-pack (as this might damage the vape), but you’ll need to find a level of herb matter to allow an unimpeded flow once its time to draw it out.

Understanding your vaporiser

The easiest thing to check in when working out how to use your vaporiser is the temperature. The temperature, unfortunately, will vary depending on the kind of herb that you’re using and how dry the herb may be. Temperatures will also determine the kind of draw you get with your vape, as lower temperatures offer a smoother and less intense experience, while increased temperatures will leave users feeling highly euphoric. There is some room for error, but finding the right temperature is usually a case of trial and error – as a note, good temperatures to start are between 180-210°C. Once you’ve worked out the ideal temperature, you’ll need to preheat your vape. Most modern vaporisers take a few seconds to get up to an ideal temperature, which is just enough time to grind your herb. If you have an older model, it’s important to keep in mind that these need additional time to heat up so you can avoid disappointment.

Now you’re good to go!

With your herb and vaporisers all set, the key is to then inhale slowly and lightly, rather than take deep drags. Deep drags introduce cold air into your vape, lowering the temperature of the vaporiser and requiring your smoking machine to push that little bit harder while still likely delivering lacklustre vapor. For long-term effective use with your vape, make sure to regularly maintain it. If your vape war working marvellously when you first got it and is now stumbling along, this may very well be why. Follow the manufacturers care instructions and you should be good to go.

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