The United Kingdom has some of the finest furniture manufacturers and designers spread across its land. Among them, there are some names that have established themselves as the leading street furniture manufacturing companies known for providing top-notch services and quality designs. Here below we have mentioned some of the well-known street furniture and street bollards manufacturing companies in the given article for you to find out!

Langley Designs

Langley Designs has experience of years in manufacturing high-quality street furniture in the UK. They have been manufacturing a wide gamut of street furnishing including street bollards, cycle parking, shelters, bin stores, tensile canopies, door barriers, planters, and much more.

Furnitubes International

Furnitubes International has been involved in the manufacturing & designing business of high-end quality street furniture since 1946. They are well-known for providing bespoke furniture solutions that comprise a huge list of products from bollards, seats, benches, planters, park tables to cigarette bins.

Artform Urban Furniture

Artform Urban Furniture’s USP lies in its innovative modern designs. They are known for creating some of the most inspiring range of street furniture that gives unique appeal and is equally useful. You can find a large list of products in their range from cycle shelters, bus shelters, cycle stands to display stands and more.

Benchmark design

Benchmark Design owns a reputed & trusted name in the designer & manufacturing domain of stylish & contemporary style street furniture focusing on creating urban appeal. You can expect some of the finest & unique style showcases of quality street furnishing from their store. 

Urban style

Urban style manufacturers are all about creating artful designs and making them real by shaping them as some of the most unique concrete street furnishings. They own a global clientele and have been serving in this industry since 2001. They own a solid footing in the domain for their successful reputation in serving maximum satisfaction to clients.

Factory Furniture

Established in 1985, Factory Furniture has been working as the successful manufacturer and designer of a range of external seating furniture drawn into a contemporary style and made from some of the finest quality materials including timber, stainless steel, stones, etc. They have a large showcase to present their years of finest craftsmanship also including some of the notable custom-made projects.

The given is the list of some of the distinguished and prominent names in the street furniture manufacturing industry serving a broad clientele in the UK and overseas for years.  

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