With origins coming from Austria since at least 1760, and with the assumed history that the origins of it’s name comes from an Emperor after a discussion about bread prices back in 1789. Bakery items such as kaiser rolls have been growing in popularity as time has gone on. The rolls are typically round and crusty or hard for a bread roll but that’s what gives them such a unique taste. Usually hard bread isn’t favorable but this one is and it only gets better.

Coming from such a colorful history, the roll was popular then and is just as much, if not more, popular now. People all around the world can’t get enough of these rolls. Just like any other bread, the ingredients in these rolls are pretty basic which means that as long as you’re okay with eating a few carbs, this bread is completely fine for anyone to eat.

There a lot of different variations of how the rolls are prepared, all of them coming up with different toppings and fillings for it. Some change in size, either bigger or smaller depending on where you are. Some people change the flour used and other ingredients involved to maybe make it fluffier and softer than usual. Other variations including things like topping them with poppy seeds or topping them with sesame seeds. Some people even top them with pumpkin kernels and sunflower seeds. And that isn’t even all of the ways, there are endless possibilities for these things. These rolls have become such a popular side that it has become a staple of importance for most Austrian breakfasts just like toast is for America or biscuits for London.

Believe it or not but it’s actually very common to even use these rolls as a type of bun on a burger or sandwich. The hardness is something some people prefer and so they’ll opt out of the traditional bun and instead request this kind of bread. And there are actually a lot of places that you can find online that show different types of sandwiches and burgers with this role as it’s bun, further proving how tasty this roll is.

No matter how you choose to prepare the rolls, there really isn’t a bad way to eat this, whether you’re using it as a burger bun or eating it with some butter or jam jelly, it’s all really up to you and whatever you are feeling into that day. It’s a great roll that a lot of people would recommend. If you want to try it out for yourself and be the final judge of it all, you can find a lot of different recipes for these rolls online so you can make them yourself, maybe experiment a little bit with the recipe while you’re at it, or you can go out and maybe purchase them from a bakery in your local town. All I can say is you should definitely try these things, they are fantastic and you will not regret it.

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