We had thought that there could be nothing better than the latest 4K OLED TV’s we see but we have been proven wrong. We had though the LED TV price could hike no further, but we have been proven wrong. We had thought that brands like Samsung, LG or Sony, TV price and features were at the brim but we have been proven wrong. A new TV by Sony is creating some serious buzz and is set to break all the records of the TV industry.

Yes, it’s not Samsung or LG but Sony that is coming up with a new, ground-breaking TV technology. Now, don’t get your hopes high, it costs more than you could imagine. It is not out yet, but soon will be. Some are also comparing it with Samsung’s “Wall” and from where I see the rumors are right. They both display some very significant resemblance. However, they are just magnificent and will be a pride to owners. Well, without any further delay let’s see what TV is it and it’s majestic features. Drum rolls!

Sony 2019 TVs – 8K/4K Master Series

Yes, you might not have heard of this TV but it does exist. The large bezel less screen, surround sound, never before seen picture quality and some extraordinary features, this TV is supremely awesome. Not a lot is know about this TV, however, whatever we could we have gathered. So, here are some of the https://theencarta.com/best-long-range-tv-antennas/ highlight features of this TV.

  • 8K-  yes 8K since a lot of videos are now been shot on 8K this feature was highly required. Looking at how filmmakers have started to shift from 4K to 8K, soon in couple of years every video content will be of 8K resolution. If you get this TV now, you are probably saved for years to come until a 10 or a 12K is launched.
  • Humongous 98” and 85” displays with UHD LCD display. This makes the display literally larger than life.
  • Four-speaker Acoustic Multi-Audio, Dolby Atmos
  • X1 Ultimate
  • Powered by Android TV makes your experience “awesomer”. All your games, apps and favourite OTT platforms now on the big screen.
  • X-Motion Clarity and X-Wide Angle
  • LCD display. But how could LCD be better than LED? Yes, think a little harder and you’ll understand that only LCD has 8K.

There are a lot more features that are still unknown, price is also a mystery. Nothing specific about the price has been spoken. But we know for sure that it is going to be a bomb and you’ll have to literally give it all away to get your hands on this. So, if you are planning to get yourself this TV, make sure you start saving as soon as you are done reading this article. Make sure you too do your research well before making a decision, a comparison with Samsung “Wall” can be a good option.

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