It is found that medical device manufacturers, as well as other high profile medical agencies are facing the wrath of Ivc filter lawsuits due to their small medical units called IVC filters which are implanted into patients for preventing blood clot from reaching the lungs. A more explained version of the purpose of these units is that these spider-like tiny medical contraptions are inserted into humans with the objective of preventing the blood clots from reaching and disrupting the proper functioning of the pulmonary system- thus resulting in an embolism. However the raw story of these tiny devices is that they more often than not, falling out of their meant place. After that, these devices migrate and eventually fracture, thus making small metal pieces to enter into the lungs and the heart.

The deadly truth behind IVC filters:

This as a result has led to numerous allegations being held against these medical device manufacturing companies. From the reports gathered it was found that most of these physicians and patients aren’t aware of exactly how their devices fail and what their appropriate failure rate is?

A closer look at the situation makes scarier reading as an expert from Dallas, Texas and who possesses degrees and licenses in both law and medical stated in a recent article these IVC filters comprise of an extremely high percentage of failure!  According to his statement, such IVC filters are never trustworthy and if they are left in the same place for a decent span of time, then they will eventually wear out. He also stated that these devices are never good as the more time they are within a human being; the more are the possibilities of death and injuries.

However, after extensive investigation if was revealed that these medical  filters were just temporary measures for patients who had a high risk percentage of embolism and which could not be treated with the usage of anticoagulant medicines or commonly referred to as blood thinners. If that is not it, then some reports also stated that IVC filters were completely futile in treating pulmonary embolism.

With so much evidence present, some of these Ivc filter lawsuit agencies are astounded as to how the FDA gave its stamp of approval.

The End result

 According to the reports of some Ivc filter lawsuit agencies, they are hopeful that their clients who have been at the wrong receiving end will get their just rewards. They believe that there is ample proof to make these medical device manufacturers pay out monetary compensations to their clients and also apologies for the hardships they have caused to them as well as their other family members. They have stated that though there is still some investigation taking place and as they are completed they will have ample evidence to make these manufacturers pay, either on an agreeable term or forcefully, using the help of law and order.

This has given many pain-stricken patients as well as their family members a big sigh of relief.

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