For first time, or inexperienced users of cannabis, visiting a dispensary can seem intimidating. Many shops have dozens of different ways to consume cannabis some of which even regular users don’t know much about. Although with so many options it can seem excessive, all of these forms of consumption serve a purpose. The effects medicinally can vary from one application to another. The effects recreationally also differ, and it is important to know the differences before consuming.

The first and most commonly recognized form of cannabis is in the traditional bud form. Medical bud can be found in any dispensary in bremerton. This is a great method of consumption for new and old users alike. The main reason it is so popular is due to its availability, as well as the different strains that it can come in. Bud is consumed through smoking, or vaping. The high can vary between the different types of strains, but it is one of the easiest highs to control. The reason behind this is due to the method of consumption. Taking one hit at a time allows for you to experience the high, and take your time with it. This is a traditionally smelly and less discrete form of consumption, which some people fault it for.

The next most common form of consumption is through medicated edibles. Edibles come in a variety of different forms. The active ingredient THC, the competent of marijuana that gets you high, can be used in almost any type of food, as it is fat soluble. Most commonly in desserts like brownies, cookies, and cakes, edibles can also come in the form of drinks such as sodas, or juices. Other common edible types include gummies, candies, lollipops, and granola. Edibles come in different dosages generally starting at 10mg, and going up to 200mg+. Edibles are very discreet, but do suffer from their fair share of issues. Firstly, edibles can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours to have an effect. For some people this is way too long. Another problem with edibles is dosage. It can be difficult to dose edibles correctly. While taking too many edibles won’t cause any serious, lasting problems, it is easy to get too high, and have a bad time. It is recommend to take a little bit, and see how you feel in 1-2 hours. Then consider re-dosing with another small amount, if the desired effects aren’t reached.

Lastly there is concentrates. These are a more advanced, potent way to consume cannabis. Concentrates come from bud, that after a refining process is made into highly potent marijuana. Often referred to as wax, crumble, or shatter, these concentrates are very strong, and generally need special equipment to consume. Dab rigs, or certain vape pens are able to melt the wax into a vapor that you inhale. Although concentrates are generally more expensive, it only takes a small amount to get you high. This method of consumption is also generally more discrete than typical bud.

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