With the aid of a pregnancy contraction timer you can figure out what contractions mean in the first place. It would also highlight the situation whether you are heading to labour or not. You could term it as a form of translator for your body. You can ask them a lot of questions whether it happens to regular or irregular and how long it is going to last.

In medical terms contractions could be termed as a form of cervical change. As it is not possible to hold or check your own cervix there is a definite need to rely on contractions. Here the behaviour or pattern does assume a lot of importance in terms of cervical change. In the early stage of contraction the frequency between almost tends to be the same. Virtually this appears to be the same form one contraction to another. The contractions are also known to progress. In due course of time they do go on to become closer as well. With a contraction timer online you can figure out more about them. The best part about them is that they are not going to fade away on their own. If it is going to happen for sure it will.

You could go on to term contractions as waves of pressure. It has been found out that the beginning of one contraction would be very subtle in nature. It has to be kept in mind that the duration of the contractions does assume to be a lot important as well. In order to derive more in terms of the pattern or the starts you need to go on and time each and every contraction before it starts.

In order to use it you would need to press the start button the moment you come across a tight sensation. This could be felt from inside or it could be with the hand on your belly as well. It would point to the starting of one contraction. The moment you feel a relaxation of uterus you are going to press the stop button. You would need to repeat the contractions as and when the sensation does creep in. it is suggested that you would need to be aware of the contractions so as to figure out the length along with the frequency of the same. The length and how far they are form each other appears to be the key.

At the same time you would need to distinguish the true contractions from the false ones. The true ones start from the back and then spread towards the abdomen. The false ones occur in the belly and you could say that the belly does become hard. The true ones do get stronger with the passage of time. The false ones are those that does go on to prepare the body for the hard days ahead. They could be very irregular and not at all painful as well. the key is to differentiate between the two.

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