Summer is coming, get ready for long days at the pool or on the beach. It’s the time of year where you get to splash in the surf with your mates, have fun on the beach, and meet some new people who are also holidaying or are on summer break. You want to look good for the girls and so it is time to get yourself beach ready. Here is a list of things you can do in preparation for the summer months.

A nice pair of boar-dies

You’ll be mostly living in boardshorts so go out and get a good pair that will last. This time brand counts because not only do people judge you on the brands you buy, but some brands really are better quality and will last longer. Board shorts are great because you can swim in them, but they still serve as legitimate shorts. Throw on a t-shirt and slops and you can go out for lunch without much ado.

Get into an exercise routine

Look for a nice and easy exercise programmer that you can commit to. It mustn’t be something so extreme that you can’t keep it going and keep it fun. Most of what we do is essentially about making us feel comfortable and confident about our bodies. So, don’t worry too much about weight and muscle. Eat right and exercise regularly and add in a few toning drills and you’ll be feeling great in no time

Have a few sports items at the ready

Part of feeling fit and healthy is to regularly engage in fun sport activities. Popular summer and beach time activities are throwing a fris bee, hitting a bat and ball, playing a bit of touch rugby, action cricket of soccer. All of these are great ways to have fun and be active and it will help you in your efforts to have a beach body that you can be proud of. Games are also very good for interacting and having fun with other people, and if it’s a team sport you may find other people inviting themselves to join in on the fun.

Protect your skin

Always pack sunscreen, this must never be overlooked. It is important to protect your skin from the dangerous and damaging ultraviolet light that can cause long term damage and even skin cancer. Time on the beach is fun but keep a long-term view in mind when you do. Bring a hat to protect your face from burning, especially when you’re running around playing games on the beach. And remember to pack a rash vest to wear when you’re in the ocean and the sunscreen has washed off.

Something to sit on

There’ll be times when you want to just chill under the umbrella and read a book. A perfect solution for this is either one of those giant towels or just bring a sarong. A sarong is great because you can throw it over your head and shoulders if you want to keep cool in the baking sun.

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