South sea pearls are the real queen of gems. You are the queen of your home and you deserve nothing less than the best. You should not be cheated by the imitations of south sea pearls. Make sure you buy the original south sea pearls.

What are south sea pearls?

They are from the large oysters that are found only in south sea. These oysters are so large that they can grow up to 12 inches or more. That is why they are able to nucleate large pearls. South sea pearls are the largest pearls and their size varies from 10 mm to 20 mm. South sea pearls are unique and gorgeous. The oysters are either silver lipped or gold lipped.

The pearls from gold lipped oysters are golden in colour and the pearls from silver lipped oysters are white in colour. Both types of south sea pearls are expensive. A strand of south sea pearls is not available for a lower price. If you find a strand of south sea pearls sold for a price less than $1000, you should realize that it is not an original south sea pearl strand.

How to distinguish between original and imitation?

 The imitations are created in the labs. They are manufactured pearls and not real pearls. These pearls are bought by jewellers and are used in jewellery. They are sold to the customers as south sea pearl jewellery. You should look for some characteristic features of real pearls.

When you examine real pearls under a magnifying glass you will be able to see ridges around the hole.

Fake pearls are light in weight and have a flawless appearance.

Real pearls are luminous and reflect light.

Real pearls are imperfect.

Real pearls are cold to touch.

South sea pearls are valuable and are meant for a special woman like you. To avoid being cheated, you need to buy from, the best option for buying original south sea pearls.

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