The idea of ​​The Sims is clearly taken from the game of dolls: you take a small creature that looks like a person or several, and imitate them with real life. But these digital dolls are much more simulators of real people. They have not only their gender and age, appearance and home; They also have their own traits and desires, social skills and attitudes, and everything can evolve according to the character of the sim. Your mission is to keep your Sims busy and happy.

At this time, the developers have expanded and enriched the environment. You can not only buy things to decorate your Sims’ home, but also explore the city and make it social. The city is populated by characters you may know from previous games; Their stories to explore and follow are just another pleasure.

Review of the game The Sims 3

Sims 3 download to launch a whole family of Sims, a maximum of 8 people. The game continues as long as at least one of your Sims is alive. And if it dies, you can start over. Your mission is to constantly provide them with a happy life. There are two possible extremes: recreate yourself and your family members, or invent a person completely different from you, with all intermediate qualifications. When you establish your qualities, you must follow them to be satisfied and work. Work and have fun, attend meetings and parties, go out with someone or go shopping and save your appearance! That makes sense.

Why did this game become so popular? Because model life is always fun. Some play it to take a break from a not-so-beautiful routine; some try to visualize their dreams, while others use it as a kind of therapy. In any case, it is quite interesting.

As of 2018, the game clearly lacks a multiplayer game, but this is the idea of ​​the series. As long as you build your ideal life, you do it alone so that no one can see it, and you do not need to pretend. By preserving the game for a single player, the developers retain its veracity and honesty.

However, there are many other extensions and additions that add new stories and locations, new items to buy and characters to meet, new skills, careers and entertainment, pets and even supernatural creatures. The latter was called “Into the Future” and offered a history of time travel; Meanwhile, the present future was already knocking on the door, and his name was The Sims 4.

3D life

When the game is mostly about simulation, it should look great. Sims life goes on in 3D, from beginning to end. When you create your characters or your first mansion, dress them, decorate rooms, take them to work or to a party, or just walk, everything becomes as three-dimensional as possible.

Although the level of graphics is very high in 2009, this is not necessarily bad. In the absence of HD parts, as in other objects, the design remains expressive. The characters seem drawn (as they are), with no intention of making them realistic, but these painted images do their job of representing people. The same goes for nature, buildings, various objects.

The game sounds quite cartoonish, but not childish or comical, just a little sketchy and can browse around this website. Sounds imitate both real and graphic, photorealism, and the game itself imitates life: they are simplified and not realistic enough, but they symbolize well.

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