Hair spa therapy is an important part of a person’s hair care routine. It can be called hair rebirth therapy where your hair is nourished and conditioned with nutrients that help reverse damage and boost the quality of hair. After the therapy, you will feel as though you have never experienced any damaged hair. Dandruff is another problem that many people face today, so hair spa dandruff treatment is an effective way to remedy that. Many women opt for this treatment to keep their hair strong and healthy. It is also done before important functions or events when people want their hair to be on their best behavior. Even if a person does not have time to visit the parlor, one can easily prepare hair spa therapy at home. Some common hair spa therapy recipes are:

Olive oil hair spa treatment: Take some olive oil according to hair length and volume. Gently start massaging from the scalp to the hair tips. Afterward, wrap your hair with a warm towel which will help the hair to absorb the olive oil faster. In the end, wash your hair with a mild sulfate-free shampoo. Olive oil is an excellent hair conditioner that has a rich source of antioxidants to help prevent damage and repair hair damage. The oil helps to moisturize the hair while forming a protective layer around it. This hair spa treatment is suitable for all types of hair.

Avocado hair spa treatment: Extract the flesh from avocado and properly mash it until there are no lumps. Start applying the mask from the roots of the hair to the tips and then stem your hair for about ten minutes. Allow the mask to stay on for another twenty minutes and then rinse it off. This avocado hair spa increases hair growth and shine which makes it look healthier. Avocado is also a rich source of nutrients that will nourish your hair and prevent damage. This treatment is especially recommended for people with dry hair.

Egg hair spa treatment: Whisk a couple of eggs with coconut oil to get a smooth mixture and then apply on your hair. Wrap your hair with a warm towel and wait for twenty minutes before washing it off. Eggs are a good source of proteins which will help your hair grow while also providing strength and preventing any hair damage. A simple tip one should remember is to never wash out an egg mask with hot water. We should always wash our hair with cold water to keep our hair from smelling like eggs. This treatment is specially meant for normal hair.

Apple cider vinegar treatment: Wash your hair using low sulfate shampoo and then use a conditioner. Dilute two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and then apply it all over your hair until it is fully saturated. Let it stay on for twenty minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Apple cider vinegar helps to get rid of the buildup that your hair accumulates from pollution and other hair products. It is also a good hair detangler and it helps to maintain pH levels in your scalp. Hair spa benefits of this recipe also include loss of dandruff, closing your hair cuticles and silky smooth hair.

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