Virtual numbers are dedicated numbers which can be used to send or receive text messages to numerous customers with a single click only. It allows the clients to reach the customers without any restriction of customers locally or internationally. These phone numbers can help you to send message to customers or staff anywhere anytime and sending or forwarding the SMS to their emails, phone numbers or web portals. This service can be used by staying anywhere and does not require physical mobile phones to use the service. Virtual SMS can be sent at normal rates to more than 1000 customers at one time. So if you want to buy virtual number for SMS simply follow the below-given points:

  1. Register online
  2. Top up your balance on the cost of connection and subscriber fees
  3. Chose the type of number
  4. Choose the country
  5. Choose the city or operator code
  6. Set up forwarding of SMS such as phone number, email or web portal
  7. Check the details and complete the order

Virtual SMS proves to be very crucial for those who cannot make calls and want a feature to send numerous SMS to their customers or staff at low prices. This facility makes it possible to receive the text SMS at the destination where you want to. Sometimes there occurs a misunderstanding between the personal message and professional message and it leads to missing of any important meeting or information. This issue can also be occurred due to delayed message hence, virtual messages service ensues the customers about 100 % quick and guaranteed deliveries of messages.

There are numerous benefits to buying a virtual number of SMS. Here are some benefits that you will get if you buy virtual number receive SMS:

  • No need for SIM cards and physical mobile phones
  • Low rates and affordable prices
  • Quick and guaranteed delivery of virtual SMS
  • Unlimited quantity of SMS
  • Free forwarding facility to emails, URL and phone numbers

This facility helps the companies to keep their personal life separated from professional life and richness of facilities makes this service different from others. This service is emerging as an effective tool in the market and is proving to be very helpful for big organizations. Many companies also use this service as a promotional activity as they keep their customers updated about their products and services by sending them regular SMS including discounts, offers and promo codes etc.

As nowadays the market is facing stiff competition hence it has become crucial for clients to move towards a better form of technology. Having a virtual SMS number can help them to face this competition and they can easily reach their customers locally and globally. This does not cost any additional charge for international SMS service and does not include any hidden cost or charges in the monthly plans. This facility is usually best for schools, colleges, big organizations that need to send regular messages to inform their customers.

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