Learning a warehouse or any form of the storage unit is a worthy venture, but it becomes stressful when you undertake without vital information about shelving and makes it more stressful when you come across an unqualified shelving company that sets up low-quality shelves that don’t last for long. In this realization, I wouldn’t want you as an industrialist or professional warehouse operator to waste any more of your hard earned resources on unscrupulous companies. Allow me to introduce you to a legitimate pantry shelving systems setting pro. They are not only authentic but also, experienced, respected, and very innovative. They are quite a brand to revere and love too across Australia offering high-quality masterpiece, reliable and effective material handling and storage equipment that is affordable and easily accessible.

At Shelving Melbourne, a Colby brand, we bring over four decades of experience in storage equipment handling to the good people of Melbourne and surrounding towns and cities. Those who source our services enjoy a great sense of flexibility from our distributors and technical specialists and a technology resource for ensuring quality results. Colby products are engineered and designed by Dematic Pty Limited. We are a registered trademark.

Colby pantry shelving systems available

Longspan shelves

These are light duty shelving designed and installed to the purpose. It is affordable and mainly intended for general or say multi-purpose purpose storage use. On its design, it can stand alone, or the installer can integrate it with other shelving solutions depending on the clients’ preference. With long span shelves, our clients have a guaranteed safety and any operational standards set for warehouses. Immediately after setting it up, it’s fully functional and serves its intended purpose without any hitch and for a very long period. It’s a real value for your invested funds. You can rely on it and never be disappointed with our pantry shelving systems.


The long-span shelves at Shelving Melbourne come with the uprights strong section that is designed to provide a safe and secure storage solution.  It also has frames that are bolted with baseplates to provide a stable load. That helps the shelf to bear the capacity of the weight without occupying lots of space.

The steel shelves are built and integrated with stiffeners so that they minimize or ensure no bending while optimizing load bearing capacity and capability. Step beams are also incorporated to strengthen long span shelves.

Industrial shelving

For industrial shelving, we have long-span shelving, steel shelving, and Carton live shelving. Steel static shelving is used in warehouses or places that require shelves for light duty purposes and general use. These are the cheapest to install and most popularly sought after storage facility solutions mainly for slow-moving parts, goods, and files. They are considered space economical and efficient. We are proud and can freely tell our clients that this product is versatile, sturdy, easy to install and safe.

For long span shelving, these are shelves that are effective and economical on space and a storage solution for all sizes and shapes. It is built using strong beams, has a steel mesh decking and chipboard. Carton-live shelving is modeled to condense the pick face and offer a large variety of benefits such as improved picking productivity and automatic stock rotation, features that lack in static shelves.

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