Among the list of reputed automotive brands, Hyundai holds a place of respect across the globe from different sectors of car users and buyers. To maintain this status quo, Hyundai does work hard and doesn’t allow even a bit of compromise to sneak into its production procedure. That is how, quality is ensured in every Hyundai model, and every owner is assured of enjoying its benefits throughout the life span of the vehicle.

Hyundai Assurance Program

When we saw an advertisement at our nearest Hyundai Union Park Dealership on Hyundai Assurance Program, it allured us to step in. There we got to see an entirely new perspective towards automotive industry that Hyundai beholds. The production engineers working for Hyundai were proud to declare the way Hyundai carries on with the procedure of making vehicles.

They started with a note on the priority every Hyundai family member has to follow and see to it that all Hyundai vehicles are designed and engineered not only to instill passion and heightened excitement, but also a higher level of confidence to whoever deals with the car.

The Hyundai Assurance Program that is conducted all around the world ensures that each time people ride a Hyundai would call it to be a satisfying one. But to ensure this more than satisfactory level of performance and owner’s gratification, Hyundai cleared the ground from any kind of insecurities that can interfere with the owner’s peace of mind.

For this Hyundai offers America’s Best Powertrain Limited Warranty package that includes a 10-Year/100,000-Mile, whichever comes first. This warranty will also cover Car Care service from any authorized Hyundai dealer to support you by all means. This will include a vast array of car complimentary maintenance services starting from changing of oil and filter to multi-point inspections. A 24/7 Roadside Assistance comes free with this Hyundai Assurance Program, whenever you are stranded with your Hyundai on the road.

Inspirational Design

We learned from the Hyundai Assurance Program conducted at the Hyundai dealer Union Park, that Hyundai follows a Fluidic Sculpture philosophy while modeling every vehicle design. For this, Hyundai takes the inspiration from the shapes and sizes directly from nature. The lines you find in the recent Hyundai models are always flowing in the direction of aerodynamic excellence that make all the Hyundai models look not only beautiful but also fuel-efficient. All this builds up the level of assurance, that owning a Hyundai surely keeps paying you back.

Maintaining the Standard of Quality

Hyundai till now being the only car maker with its own steel plant shows that the brand knows not words like compromise, when it comes to maintaining the standard of quality. Tailoring the alloys to perfectly match with its own specifications, Hyundai produces ultra-strong quality of steel that would enhance the safety as well as its fuel efficiency. Every Hyundai vehicle goes through the meticulous processes of paint dipping combined with a special finish to create a wall against rust and corrosion, helping the scratches to heal. Only after extensive levels of testing, a Hyundai product rolls out of the factory on the road.

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