To ensure you drive a roadworthy vehicle that meets government regulations you must have a valid MOT certificate for your car. MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, it is an annual test that is designed to check that all of the components on your car are operating at an acceptable level. Any approved MOT garage in Hamilton will check the safety and roadworthiness of your vehicle to ensure it meets specific standards. This test is mandatory for any vehicle that has been used for over 3 years on the road. During a MOT test a qualified mechanic will assess every aspect of your vehicle, including areas such as:

§  Suspension

§  Brakes

§  Fuel emissions

§  Steering

§  Tyres

Before you take your car for a MOT test, it is important to have it checked by a skilled mechanic. They will run a comprehensive diagnostic on your vehicle, checking to see that every component is working effectively. If they find any issues with your car, they’ll fix the problem so that it can easily pass the MOT test.

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Choosing a Garage

If you are looking for a garage to test your car, be sure to bring it into a service centre that specialises in MOT testing. They’ll use the most advanced tools and equipment to ensure your vehicle remains safe on the road. A good mechanic will notice any faults with your vehicle, catching them in time before they lead to major problems. If you wish to keep your car on the road, schedule a full maintenance check.









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