Where there is construction going on, the odds of an accident are always high. However, as a site supervisor, it is his moral and ethical responsibility to present a safe and secure environment for the employees to work in.  This is what has led to the formulation of a course known as the SSSTS.  Stands for the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme, SSTS is a professional training course aimed at site supervisors and managers on how to better manage a construction site adhere to all the safety norms.

Today, many of the top construction companies or groups across the globe have a primary requirement for the application of the site supervisor, which he or she must hold the SSSTS Course certification.  This certification is provided for the time period of one year, after that the candidate have to again undergo this training to enhance his skills as per the latest market norms.

Not just for the safety of the construction workers, every site supervisor or someone who is in the process of becoming one should take this course because site safety and construction skills go hand-in-hand to script a successful professional year.

By undergoing this course, you will get to acquire skills, those required to educate the people at the construction site on how to work safely and what the things they need to take care of. Do you know each year thousands of people lose their lives or get injured at construction sites owing to their negligence?  This is why SSSTS Course is so important for you as a site administrator or the supervisor.

What Is The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Course?

The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme program is a significant part of a construction skills training. Over years, this course is highly regarded in the construction industry for its ability to offer practical and theoretical learning to site supervisors on how to establish a safe environment for his team in operation at the site.

This safety learning course is a typically a two days course, so you won’t have to disturb your ongoing professional life. You can either take leaves for your organisation for undergoing this course or take up the weekend course offered by several institutes. Here, you will be educated about the day-to-day safety aspects to keep in mind, when overlooking your team.  Plus, the latest industry practices for improved security.  From safety, environment to health issues, you will get to know all the legal and the ethical responsibility of a site supervisor. Once, you have completed the two course, you will have to sit for the exam, which will test your knowledge; if you secure well, you will be issued a certification. This certification is valid for the period of twelve months.

From all the above, you probably come across the perks associated with SSSTS Course. But, before you undergo that, do thorough research to find the right institute accredited by the government to offer construction skills training.



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