Once you figure out that you are pregnant happiness is something hard to describe you are over the moon as the bundle of joy is expected any time to arrive on this planet. Most women have rarely faced up to the situation of pregnancy till they are aware on what to expect from it. The better news is that due date with pregnancy can be predicted with ease and there are several pointers which make your decision a lot easier.

A baby growth week by week during pregnancy video will provide more inputs about a developing baby.

More about a pregnancy due date calculator

With the help of a pregnancy due date calculator it is possible to determine exact delivery date. It is a mere approximate and cannot be 100 % accurate. The accuracy of a pregnancy due date calculator can stretch as high as 83 %. Any calculator is determined by the last date of your menstrual cycle. This is referred as LMP.  Once this is used you go on to add another 280 days to it. Everything works on the principle that a LMP that a woman ovulated after two weeks. Though this would mean that 266 days is calculated as the period of gestation.

All this above information works valid when a woman has a 28 days cycle. This is what the pregnancy due date calculator is going to assume and you need to trust it blindly to showcase the exact results. Once in doubt go on and visit a doctor. They are going to conduct an ultrasound and provide you inputs on when the period of gestation did take place.

For a pregnancy due date calculator a couple of terms like LH and BBT are important. BBT goes by the name of basal body temperature and LH is a hormone. To arrive at the exact due date of pregnancy 266 days are added. This method is really difficult to use as you cannot calculate LH and BBT at the same time.

Rely on calculators to prepare for your baby

The precise reason why you need a pregnancy due date calculator is to figure out when the baby is due. A baby growth video during pregnancy will throw more light on developmental patterns of a baby. This means scheduling your appointments when the baby is due, and to clearly understand when things are wrong.

If you want to have a control over things, then this information has to be rated seriously. To miss any appointment it would be a bad idea and for this reason an ultrasound is important. This information provided can be used hand in glove with a pregnancy due date calculator.

Once you are above 35 years of age then ultrasound is compulsory. The reason being possibility of ruling out any form of problems that may arise at a later stage.

By now you might be prepared on when the bundle of joy is expected to arrive.

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